The Boyfriend/Husband Blazer

 Hey guys! What’s good? I feel so badass in this outfit, so rock chic. I love the pop of colour the earrings gave the whole look, those Zara earrings are my best accessories purchase yet. Now let’s move on to the blazer, Let me tell you guys about this blazer, it was thrifted and you won’t believe how much I snagged it for haha! I can’t believe it myself either.   I was at Lewisham to register my baby, we finished up quite early so I decided to have a lookey around the shopping centre. After less shopping and more window shopping,  although I did get me this vinyl skirt I wore here,

On my way home, I passed through this thrift store and decided to dash in and see what I can score, to be quite there weren’t many goodies in this store, matter of fact, I was about to give up and walk away  when my trained eye spotted this baddie, hiding away amidst a pile of  many old and worn out looking jackets and coats, as I always do , I immediately reached for the price tag and Lo and behold, it was £5, I swear you guys, five freaking pounds, I couldn’t believe my luck, I knew this shii was trendy as heck, I tried it on and it was my perfect size, it was tailored on to a tee. I paid for it and mentally sashayed outta the shop. The baddest bargain everrrrr.  Although I got mine for a steal, there is a way you can get yours and jump on this trend at zero cost to you, go raid your man, your Dad , brother’s wardrobe and help yourself to their blazer, don’t worry about the sizing because with this trend, the more oversized it is, the better the fit.  Again what do you think of this trend? Get it or ditch it? Thanks  for stopping by, follow me on Instagram here for more daily style pics

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