How to Style Oversized Jumper for Winter Season

Hello lovelies, the temps have definitely dropped proper here in london, I think we have moved from Autumn to Winter, its so chilly right now and time to whip out the knitwears, the jumpers and layer coats/ jackets on them for warmth, how are you keeping warm this season? I have styled this oversized coat with a loose fit girlfriend jeans, I was going for the slouch look but smartened it with the yellow coat, I love that coat, love how it adds a pop of color to the whole look . I wore this to school the other day, my friend Bridge was around when I got home so I had her take me this photos, its definitely way easier and fun to have someone take your photo.

I couldn’t upload any post last week because its been real, the hubby travelled and so its been just me and the girls and I swear its been real, I wake up in the morning and before I know whats up, its night time, I have no idea where the hours are rushing to. I have spent practically all day editing this post, tending to my two month old baby and my two year old toddler. My baby is sleeping now so I thought I quickly write up this edit and publish this outfit post. The hubby gets back tomorrow so hopefully it gets better. As I type, my toddler just emptied her bag of toys in the living room making such loud noise, its a miracle it didn’t wake up the baby. 

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