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Everything5pounds.com contacted me recently to work with them. They asked me to pick out some outfits from their website, see the haul video below. I was beyond excited of course. I picked out lots of lovely outfits and shoes as you can see from the vlog and this poncho dress was one of them. I got this fringed knitted beauty for just FIVE POUNDS . Yes close your mouth, you heard right, just five pounds!!!. I couldnt believe a lot of things on that website. Good quality shoes for five pounds , don’t take my words, watch the video below and check the website your self. They also magnanimously gave me a 5% discount code – 5NELO for my followers.

The thing about the website though is that a lot of the items sell out real fast and once its gone, its gone so if you find something you like, buy it asap. Also shipping is quite funny, its not like other website where the shipping fee is fixed regardless of the items. To help with the shipping fee, use my code to get a discount. Happy shopping guys.  Did you guys shop the Black Friday sales? I did shop a little *no thanks to being quite the broke ass) during the Black Friday sales , I cant wait to show you guys what I got so stay tuned. I will be doing a haul video on youtube so make sure to subscribe on there too. 

Get my fringed poncho here, I also love this yellow wrap knit here, Boots – Kurt Geiger. Glasses – Ray Bans.

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