I was unable to put up this thrift outfit I wore last week because hectic schedule , I love blogging, I love taking outfit posts and sharing with you guys, its my thing. I love it, people don’t get it and its ok, heck even my husband doesn’t get it, I cant explain it either , it’s just something I love to do. I love putting looks together and when I do, I want to capture it on camera and share with the world, its like hello world, see this look I came up with, what do you think? Buff? Today’s look feels like I blindly stretched my hands into my wardrobe and grabbed the first things my hands could reach, which is true in a way, today was school day and I didn’t like the outfit I originally planned to wear , I was running late and reached for this in a mad rush, I thought it was cool, red, black, white and beige is a great combo, Lol. Now lets talk about those beige shoes guys, I got those shoes from for £5. Yes I did! They are so comfortable, wore them all almost all day and no pain, no blisters. I got home from school, my girlfriend Bridge was around, we were going to the town centre and stopped by to grab a shot.  You guys already know, I love fashion, I love shopping and dressing up but I am broke AF so the thrift store is my second home. The red pants are thrifted, I think I got them for £7, they are size a 18, hence the oversized fit, they also don’t stretch at all.  The jacket is a recent fave of mine, also thrifted, massively oversized, I wore them differently here, this jacket is so thick, the quality on it is top notch , great for keeping warm and layering plus the oversized fit always gets me feeling very vintage chic. They were a lil pricey though at £25 but so worth the coins, I don’t know if they are faux or real leather, they are however textured and real thick.

Scarf is from Primark (old) , socks – hubby’s, Shades – Rayban, Tee – HM (OLD)

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