Head to Toe Primark Valentine Day Inspired Outfit

So who else is excited about Valentine’s day? This is the day you get to know whether you are the girlfriend/boyfriend or if you are just a stand in aka side bae. Listen If bae suddenly goes AWOL this period, you are not in a relationship, better wake up and smell that coffee wella. And to all the “I dont really care about Val day, why can’t you show love everyday bla bla bla” people, we know, we hear yall and we know your ass is single too.

Seriously there is popular social media babe, one year she was baeless and she went on a long rant on the fakeness and pointlessness of Val day, guess what ?The very next year, she was in a relationship and she literally filled our timeline with bae this, bae that,, gifts she got, messages bae sent, you know the whole mushy mushy she bang, this is why you shouldn’t take social media too seriously, live your life, be kind to everyone especially those less privileged and celebrate love everyday of course. Back to my look, I am wearing head to toe Primark, I wanted a look thats chic, looks hella expensive even though its as cheap as they come, everything head to toe cost me £45. What do you guys think? Nailed it? I also think this is a cool valentine day look especially if you are not into the whole red on Val day vibe but still wanna dress “Valentinish” .

PS For my more is more crew, we got another look coming up so tay tuned, you could also check out my video below, I took you all outfit shopping and shared why I bought what and tried them all on for your viewing pleasure. 

Thanks for coming back and see yall soon. Take care xx.

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