My Go – To Coat for Keeping Warm and Stylish this Winter

Two posts in a week? God is good and 2018 is my year, Amen. It’s so cold these days but as long as I got this my faux fur coat? Honestly I am good, if you ask me for the one coat to invest in to help you battle this cold, keep you warm and stylish , I would totally recommend a fur coat, something voluminous . I got this one from two years ago but I will link similar for you all later. Its been a crazy ass week, I had loads of school work to attend to and I was really beginning to feel burned out. Next week is half term break and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I am so looking forward to just chilling with my girls. Matter of fact, I have already started chilling, last night, we gave the girls a bath early and sent them off to bed early, we sat in front of the TV, had a Nollywood movie on hahaha, can’t remember the last time I watched a Nollywood movie, this one wasn’t bad though, it starred Nigerian actress Toni Tones, I honestly can’t remember the movie title now. We downed a bottle of Wine , some TLC and I slept so goood.I wore this to school yesterday, got home, took some outfit shots and I am posting them today. I really loved the look, I hope you guys do too. Thanks y’all for always coming back and subscribing to my newsletter. I have a Valentine day date outfit coming up by Monday so make sure to check back, its gonna be a LEWK! Promise! Haha  

Faux fur coat – similar here (with 20% off) similar hereand here

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