How to Slay Valentine’s Day

I really loved putting this look together and even though I look a million dollar, you know looking like a bag of money , I promise this look is as cheap as it gets plus I got them at 25% off, I love my bargains yall.  I have linked them below so do check them out and thank me later.So what are your thoughts on wearing red to toe on Valentine’s day? Its very more is more and red happens to be a vibe this year so hey, however if this is not your thing and you would rather a hint of red , check out this post here Valentine’s day can be sweet and all when you are loved up however if you are single, it can be quite an ass and if you let it, make you feel absolutely lonely and alone. To be in a relationship with a worthy partner is great but the best thing really is to be happy whatever your state, a relationship does not bring happiness and fulfilment. This you have to give yourself, you have to find your happy and it doesn’t lie with or in another person, it lies within you, you have to look at your life, see the positives, the blessing that comes with waking up in the morning to sunshine, the happiness that comes from having your family with you or within your beck and call, friends who are there for you, who will turn up for you regardless, a job that puts food on the table, good health, you know the little things. If you are in a relationship however, make sure to do something cozy and sexy for Valentine, you know create memories, shave or wax or whatever you do (wink), put on your fave scent and go out on a cozy date with your partner, make sure to order a bottle of wine for both of you. I know its a wednesday but still… YOLO.Right soooo what’s your Valentine day style? Red to toe? A hint of red? Or no red at all? Thanks for stopping by, happy Valentine’s day and see y’all soon.

Dress – here, Boots – here

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