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Yall already know I am a budget chic, I am always looking for deals, I hate to buy anything at full price, This is why I love online shopping, I put away things I love in my wish list and wait for some discount code to apply before I hit checkout. My real life friends know I am all about scores, deals and thrift stores and those of you who have been with me on this blogging journey for a while know your girl is all about that thrift life.So let’s talk about this shoes right here, how lovely are they? I got them the same day I bought my Primark Val day look , they didn’t go with my whole look but they were just too good to pass on. I love the style of the boots, love the buckles and the Gold detail on it, I thought they would go with everything, dresses, skirts, jeans, minis, maxis everything and the best part? They were … wait for it… £3. Yes you read that right £3, if that’s not a bargain, I don’t know what else is. A friend later informed everyone they were a designer dupe, they were a Chloe Nile boots dupe.I love trends, I know some people don’t but I actually do, I find ways to incorporate them into my personal style. Half glasses are currently trending and I am loooving them. I always get my trendy glasses from EBay, the prices are always so ridiculously low, I got these ones for £6 each. I absolutely love them as you can see I already styled them here, they are so chic .Ok let’s talk about the eyeshadow palette shall we? On this lucky day, I was tucked in bed, ready to hit snooze and decided to scroll through facebook first. I don’t know how I ended up at facebook market, I saw the AD for this palette, the seller was selling off lots of her makeup, she said she was a new mom and didn’t have time for makeup. I have always wanted this  ABH Modern Renaissance Palette but the price tag, it retails for £43 was just way too above my budget. She listed the palette for £15. I didn’t even blink, I contacted her immediately, transferred the payment to her via paypal and I got it the day after. Don’t sleep on facebook market guys. I see a lot of gems on there.Finally see that purse there? I fear my flat lay photo skills do not do it any justice honestly. It is absolutely gorgeous, its made of silk with gold and silver applique. Its just boxy and just the right size and I got it for £5 at Cancer Research UK. I haven’t worn it yet, was going to wear it on Valentine’s day but for the life of me couldn’t find where I kept it. I have to find an occasion to rock this bag.

So yeah there you have it, some of my recent finds, I love them all so much but my fave has to be the ABH palette, I have been wearing them non stop since I purchased them, some of the palettes were barely touched even. The finishing on that palette blows my mind, I have never used any eye shadow like it. Its very pigmented and skin like, its beautiful, I now understand why beauty gurus rave so much about ABH palettes. See a look i created using the palette below

Which is your favourite of my finds, let me know in the comment below. Thanks for reading my blog. I really appreciate you all. Have a lovely week xx.

Get the sunglasses here


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