Never Enough Time

I have just put the kids to bed, I am exhausted, its been such a long day, this is my TGIF. I am yet to have my bath, I have this blog post to put up. I just want to drink my ice cold Cider beer, a new craving of mine, the hubby bought a carton of cider beer the other day, I had a taste and I have been hooked since, I love the peer and tangy taste. I digress though, I just want to curl up in my PJ, drink my beer, watch some youtube videos and head to bed sometimes I wish I had a magic wand that I would wave to get my body washed up, moisturized and all while I sit down and do nothing.We were talking about doing nothing at school today and my tutor mentioned how it was a good stimulation for kids and even adult to have that time to themselves when you just sit still and do nothing. I love doing nothing but since having two children, I honestly cant remember the last time I did nothing, I always have so much to  and the time is just never enough, from the time I wake up by 7 – 7.30 to when I go to bed by 12pm, its always one thing or the other .I set myself a to-do list this week, wasn’t able to achieve all on my list, I did some but the majority of them didn’t, this year my main goal is to get better with my time management, there is just so much to do, I have my school assignments and work, I need to create a study time, I get to do my assignments but I am not studying, you know go through old works, read them through, do my own research , refresh my memory, really know my stuff . I have my placement , a place where I volunteer as part of my coursework, I do two days a week. I have got the blog, my youtube which is really suffering right now, I cant find the time to shoot content and when I do, I struggle with editing time. I am not on top of things right now, I am not coping, I cant help but think its all on me and I am just not using my time effectively, I think social media takes up a lot of my time and I need to cut down on it, I also need to try and get the children to sleep say by 8pm so I can have time to myself to do me things. That’s my goal for March, I will let you all know how i get on. Are you a mum of two or more, working or schooling? How do you manage your time, how do stay on top of things please, I need tips plus my cider is working now and I am starting to feel tipsy so I will have to stop here, finish my drink and go have my bath.PS – How beautiful is purple X red? I think I have just found my new fave combo. I am so in love with those red boots and shades so expect to see more of it on the blog guys. Have a lovely weekend and see yall next week.

Boots – Boohoo, Sunglasses – Ebay here, Jacket – Thrifted

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