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Its fashion week right now, New York, Milan and London has come and gone and right now the buzz is at Paris. I haven’t been catching up with this year’s fashion week scene unfortunately, I have just been so busy lately. I have caught some glimpse here and there on Instagram though. I hope to catch up when I can.

I didn’t get to attend any but this outfit right here reminds me of street style fashion. It’s something that I would definitely go for if I was to attend, its showy without being peacocky, its trendy but classic. The beret lends it its trendy air and the trench keeps it classic.Speaking of fashion week and streetstyle, I read this article recently, I honestly can’t remember where, I will try and find it and link it later. The editor was calling out the photographers for no longer capturing authentic styles on the streets, she bemoaned that it was the same faces, dressed in different designer attires that we see everywhere, it’s all the same girls, same aesthetics i.e white skinny girl, she put them on blast, she wanted to know if fat people don’t have style? Black people don’t have style?Why is it the same damn people and the same damn aesthetics all the time, in all the major publications?

Is it really streetstyle then? I also read this article on EJSTYLE.COM where Emma talked about why she stopped attending fashion week, she talked about how she would dress her best hoping to be papped by the photographers outside but because she was a nobody then, they would look through her and go scrambling after the usuals, it doesn’t even matter if those girls/editors wore tracks, they would still get papped just because.

The photographers are defending themselves, they said though it started as street style photography, you know capturing real styles on the streets, it’s since moved beyond that, it’s now a business, what they capture is dictated by the big publications and what they want, they want a certain aesthetics and that’s what they get, and so it boils down to the same age old discussion on diversity in fashion . How do you guys feel about street style lately, does it still give you the buzz? Personally it’s lost its lustre for me and I think its because its always the same girls, you know the Aimee Songs (whom I love btw). Now lets get back to my streetstylesque attire. What do you guys think of my look? Spicy or Spicy? 


Trenchcoat – thrifted, Boots – Boohoo

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