How to Style Dress over Pant

Before I talk about styling dress over pant, its women’s week  this week and I want to shout out and big up all the women out here today bossing it, setting their own trail and blazing it in spite of and against all the odds. It’s a man’s world, it doesn’t matter how you spin it. I am super thankful for the women who stood up and challenged status quo, who refused to conform, who sacrificed and fought so we can enjoy the privileges we   enjoy today. I am thankful for the every day woman, working her ass off, hustling , making ends meet, you all inspire me. I bought this sheer dress from Tu clothing Sainsbury a while ago, I thought it was going to be a maxi dress but when I wore it for the first time the other day, I realized it was knee-length, it was such an awkward length to wear alone so I immediately though of wearing it over denim. I ripped the inner it came with, popped on this bralet, it’s still cold here so I topped it up with my hubby’s denim Jacket. I have been obsessing about this belted denim look lately, Rihanna wore something similar in the ‘Fourfive seconds’ video and so I popped the belt on and its a different type of look from me but this year, i am all about creating, stepping out of my comfort zone with my style. I think I have always played it safe with my style, I would create this look in my head but would lack the courage to execute it but no more. I would wear it and if I look crazy, its my crazy and that’s my motto for now. Anyways what do you guys think of my look, are you inspired, would you wear?

Mom Jeans – Zara old, Boots – HM old, Jacket – Hubby’s (vintage), Glasses – Ebay, Purse – Thrifted

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