As Classic as a Polkadot

Polka dots are one of those styles that will always be trendy, it never goes out of style, season after season, its a classic. As usual, I was casually browsing/window shopping at HM when I spotted this dress, I knew I had to get it, it was also discounted, I got it for half the price. I think the discount was the tipping point, it was originally £35 but I ended up paying £17.50 for it, YAASSS! I am such a bargain head I swear. I bought it on Wednesday, wore it on Friday, I simpy couldnt wait, I remeber the days I would refuse to wear my new clothes, I would be waiting for one stupid occasion that would never come to wear it, I was so silly. I am just so glad I don’t do that rubbish anymore, these days except I bought it with a special occasion in mind, I wear my new clothe almost immediately. My hat and belt are thrifted, got those belts for a pound, couldn’t believe my luck, they are so chic. I wanted to be a bit extra with my styling so I grabbed my metallic puffer jacket, my white boots and red bag. I liked the combo, it was so me, you know, so edgy and so grown woman. Whats your verdict guys? You likey?

Dress – HM, Jacket – HM, Boots – Public Desire


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