Is Self Love The New Synonym For Obesity?

According to a recent report, one in four British adult is obese, this is definitely alarming. What may be the cause of this, one is forced to wonder, at least I am. I have also noticed that this year more than ever, self-love is quite a thing but I fear that as with things when they trend, they get abused and I have started to see that happening already.I see influencers eating ice cream, ordering takeaways and hashtagging self love and I get confused, how is eating food that is harmful to your body self-love? I am not trying to be stereotypical but this is even more peculiar with plus size bloggers/influencers. I follow a lot influencers both plus size, small size, medium size and whatever have you, I follow anyone whose thoughts, style and personality resonates with me. I am not going to name names but this particular plus size influencers, she is huge and very body positive. I love her message on body confidence and loving yourself rolls and all but I cant help but frown and shift a bit uneasily when she talks about her food choices, she is always talking about popping mini eggs into her mouth like they are vitamin C and calling it self-love . She makes it like eating pizza, bagels , chocolates, ice cream are part of owning and loving yourself. This lifestyle choices are harmful to everyone, plus size or mini size, it leads to obesity which is currently the second highest cause of cancer.

I am all for loving yourself, accepting who you are, your size, heck I am a mom of two, my weight isn’t what I would love for it to be, my tommy used to be so flat but now I have this bulge loving referred to as mom belly. I don’t love it, I am hoping to get my tommy back, I just need to find the motivation to start working out. I don’t hate myself, I don’t look at my reflection in the mirror and go ‘Eww I hate my body’.  I mean there is the temptation to do that but I have to remind myself to stop, remind myself that this body has carried two children and deserves more kindness, more time, more work out to get it to a fraction or maybe even back to where it used to be. I have to also be honest and tell myself to do better with my eating habits, to step up and start working out.

Self Love is defined as regard for one’s own well-being and happiness, it’s a deliberate action to treat oneself better, to improve the quality one’s life, to put oneself first, I guess one can say it’s an encouragement to be selfish. It’s not about momentary pleasure or satisfaction, I was listening to Will Smith the other day and he talked on Self Love and Self discipline and how they are one and the same. He gave this instance of wanting to eat pizza because you enjoy it, but then self-love kicks in and you say to yourself, look mate I know you love that pizza but just think of what it’s doing to your general health and fitness, you want to be healthy, you want to be alert and productive and if you have kids like I do, you want to be around for a long time, to take care of them, to see your grandchildren, to be able to play with them, you don’t want to be ill and a burden to them.

In summary, self-love is about making the right choices for you in your personal, emotional life, in your career, your health. It’s about making healthier choices, deciding to drink more water daily, not having unprotected sex, doing the things that make you happy, keeping friends that bring out the best in you, cutting out toxic and envious people from your circle and as Joy Isi Bewaji (google her guys ) puts it, it’s about living deliberately! 

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10 thoughts on “Is Self Love The New Synonym For Obesity?”

  1. Yes! I love this! My friends and I have definitely talked about this before but we thought it wasn’t really thought about outside our little group. Thank you so much for posting this!

  2. I totally agree with you on this article about self love! Everything should be in moderation really. Influencers too should know they are in a position where they either consciously or unconsciously influence their audience. No one says pizzas or burgers are bad if eaten in moderation but then knowing when to draw the line between our cravings and what is good for our health should not be taken with levity!!

  3. I completely agree with this line of thinking! People have taken self love and self care and abused it, trying to use it as an excuse for making bad choices when it actual fact it is there to make you a better you, that isn’t always a happier you in the short term!

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