Birthday Vibes

 It was my birthday on Sunday May 6, it couldn’t have picked a more perfect day to fall on. It was a bank holiday weekend.  I woke up in the morning , reminded my girl it was my birthday and she sang me the most beautiful happy birthday song ever. My heart nearly combusted with love. I got some on camera and hopefully my birthday vlog should be up by tomorrow, do check out my youtube channel here.  The hubby got me a charm bracelet, sang me some more birthday song, I somehow lost the footage on that or thought I was recording it but didn’t. There wasn’t any elaborate celebration just a cozy time with family, my hubby, two girls, my bro in law, his son and a friend. It was simply the best day, we drank, we ate and we talked a lot about Nigeria, Religion, Culture, raising children and so many other randoms. 

As I grow older, I begin to appreciate life more in its simple and uncomplicated form, very few friendships, more of family and a reliance on myself to get shit done. I have always been self sufficient but now even more so. I needed to take this pics for my birthday, I had planned to have my child minder stay with the children while I pop out and take the pics but she had things to do , I told her not to worry, I got the children ready and we all went out and got the pics taken. Shikena.  This jumpsuit is an Oldie, I bought them five years ago and wore them for the first time on the blog here. This was in 2013 before the babies, I wore them again after my first baby on the blog here. I have now had baby number two and I am so so glad I can still fit into them although I have definitely filled them out. Lol, cue to loose some, I need to get back to weight after baby number 1. What do you think? Which of the fit was your fave? I was so overwhelmed by the love you all showered on me on my birthday, I just couldn’t believe it because you see I am so much of a silent person on my social media accounts, I think I mostly come out to share my fashion tips and style with yall so to get that much love was really really touching, made feel so appreciated and loved. Thank you all so much. You are all amazing. Thanks for fuxing with me.

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