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Fashion blogging has definitely gone beyond just wearing a dress and taking pics, there is a lot that goes into it now, while the clothe is still important, you now have to worry about picture quality, getting a professional camera, cutesy location, breath taking poses, just so much. The competition out there is insane and it’s hard not to get sunk in and feel like you ain’t good enough. I love fashion and love blogging but I am a bloody broke ass right now. I shop cheap and wear them well. The styling isn’t a problem for me. I wish I could afford a photographer or have a blogger mate, so we could meet up in cool locations and take some bomb ass photos, that would be sooo cool. This one was taken in my backyard by myself and I know its just not good enough. I imagine this dress in a lovely location, maybe a cool bar, or a florist shop with all the colors bursting through. Essentially an amazing background, great lightning, these are the kind of content I want to create but cant afford to right now so I make do with these ones in the mean time. If you are reading this post and you live in South East London and need a blogger mate to meet up and shoot outfits in cool locations, lets hook up, give me a shout via dm – Insta (@nelOsuji) or email.

I am not comparing myself to anyone, I just want to do more and better for myself. BTW today was Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding, they were just so beautiful to behold. I wish them a happy ever after.

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Hey! Welcome to my little space on the internet where Fashion is King, ok I kid, Family is King but Fashion is equally very important and here we pay homage to all things fashionable, beautiful and individual. Join me on this journey as I take you through my personal style, trends to incorporate as well as beauty and fashion must haves to go through through life in style.

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