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We have been blessed with a very early summer here and I couldn’t be happier, this week for example, they said we were gonna have lots of rain and thunderstorm but the sun has been coming through and doing her thing although it rained cats and dogs on Tuesday and me and the girls were stuck in it for some good minutes. I don’t mind the rain when I am indoor, warm and cosy, a cup of tea and netflix to go, okay not netflix, more like youtube to go, I love watching youtube videos especially vlogs, hauls, makeup videos, routines a whole lot haha.

It’s also half term break here which is probably why I had the time to take this outfit photo yesterday and put them up today. I bought this Kimono recently from Boohoo, check out my haul video below and OMG! You guys, I am absolutely in love with it, it’s very lightweight and floaty and just the perfect throw on over tank tops and dresses, something I very much intend to live in this summer . I especially love the idea of this long floaty Kimono on denim cutoff and a tank top, I think its super stylish, very effortlessly chic which is my vibe always. Whats your summer go to outfit? PS – This likkle basket bag is my daughter’s, I went on Zara and saw something similar and I was like wait, hollup, is this a thing now? So I borrowed my daughter’s and yass here we are , am I trendy or whaaa? Lol, honestly fashion cracks me up a lot, the things that make it back into fashion is just crai crai but that’s also the thing that fascinates and grips you about it, you just never know what to expect.

Back to my Kimono, its def a summer fave, my head is already bursting with all the several ways I will be styling it, they may not make it on the blog so make sure you are following me on my instagram here.

Kimono – Boohoo here , you can also check out more of what I got from the haul in the video below

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    1. Thanks hun, You definitely should hun, it’s an instant stylution and you could wear it so many ways, over jeans, over short dresses, over shorts like I have done. It’s a vibe I tell you.

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