World Cup Fever – Repping Team Super Eagles of NGR

The World Cup is on right now and I fear I have caught the bug. I am not really into football but you see as a Nigerian, you can’t help but get into when the Super Eagles are playing. Football is the one thing that unleashes our madness, our creativity, that unifies us. When The Nigerian team scores, no one cares which tribe the player is from, we are all united in our enthusiasm and celebration. It’s a Nigerian goal, not a Yoruba goal, not an Igbo or Hausa goal, it’s a Nigerian goal. When we merry also, we hug and clasp one another regardless of tribe and differences. It’s beautiful to watch.

And of course not forgetting the fashion, Nigerians are very fashionable, one of the most fashionable people in the world (my opinion) and this year we saw fashion and sport merge together to create what has been the termed the most beautiful jersey in the World Cup, don’t know if this statement is official so please don’t quote me , lol. What I do know however is that the jersey is currently sold out, there are a lot of shoots and pictures on the internet of people sporting the jersey and looking hella cute. I didn’t manage to snag one but like I said I have caught the World Cup fever and this is my way of cheering my boys on in style. We are playing today against Argentina and I want to wish Team Super Eagles all the best.

What do you guys think of my look? Sis you did that! Or hmmm?

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