Sunshine, Melanin and a Maxi White Dress

Oh hey, look who is back wearing white again, meee, lol. I don’t know but there’s something about white that totally gets me, maybe its the way it makes my melanin pop? Or the way it reflects and bounces off the sun. We are currently experiencing heatwave in the UK here, the weather has been so blazing hot and I have been loving it. I know some people are moaning about it but honestly I don’t want it to end. I love the sun, it makes my heart sing. But then again, I visited a friend the other day in South Croydon and I honestly couldn’t believe how hot and humid his home was so I can totally understand if this person bitches about this weather, it was honestly unbearable, I couldn’t imagine lasting a day in that house in this weather.

Ok back to the dress, I am obsessed with this button down dress from HM, the fabric looks so expensive, its not exactly linen but the materials looks like linen, the white is so crisp,  it looks so high end one would probably think I was wearing chloe, lol. Because the weather is so hot, I have popped on some shorts underneath and undone the button, actually I will be honest, this styling has nothing to do with the weather, I just wanted to feel sexy and show off some legs haaa. HM is defo on fire with their summer outfits, I cant stop browsing their website and drooling over the summer collection. This particular dress is unfortunately sold out, I picked up mine from the store so maybe check and see if you can get one. What do you guys rate my styling with trainers? I think it lends the whole look a casual chic vibes.

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