This picture imperfect as it is with the rumpled skirt and my unshaved armpits (covers face) reminds me of life and how much we hold ourselves back , how much we judge ourselves harshly , upholding ourselves to such standards that we will rather not try at all. We come up with ideas in our head and straight away we come up with counter ideas, with things that we convince ourselves have to be in place before we can get to work on our ideas, before we can share them with the world. I can’t tell you guys how many times I have been guilty of this, I didn’t realize it was a thing even until a fellow youtuber discussed this on one of her vlogs, she called  it “aesthetics”, she talked about how the aesthetics of things could stop us from doing, how we get so wrapped up in the aesthetics we delay or never deliver the plan. Don’t get me wrong guys, I am equally here for the aesthetics, what I am trying to say however is this, do not let the need for the perfect aesthetics stop you from going on with your plans, start first and then take it from there, build on the aesthetics as you go on.Take my look for today, the reason the skirt is so rumpled by the way is because iI had earlier tied the edge of the skirt into a know to make it shorter, the length was sort of getting in my way. I untied it for the photo and didn’t realize it was in such a state until I was about to edit, my armpits however is story for another day and entirely my fault hehe. Editing the picture my inner voice, the one who is always obsessing about aesthetics, the one that always seeks perfection came at me again, she went “your skirt is rumpled, its ruined the whole look” but I shot her MF self down, I said to her , look biii, that skirt is gorgeous, the color is beautiful, the way it floats is magical, love the pairing with the matching crop tank top, the head band and the way the orange contrasts with my blue hair and so I am going to share with yall. So here we are, I hope you guys loved the look.

PS – I wore the tank with no bra because frankly it was just too hot and I feel like a bra would have messed with the whole aesthetics of this look (damn that word again haha but you get my drift). My boobs are so not perky anymore but hey I dont care because saggy boobs matter too (sticks out tongue).

Have a lovely week huns and see yall next week xx.

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