The Perfect Little White Dress for Summer

In my style note, a perfect white dress is a must have in every fashionista wardrobe especially for this season when the sun blares down on us in all her superficial glory. I have to admit though, this year I seem to have developed a fetish for white, in my wardrobe currently I have a white variation of everything, shorts, jeans, skirt, dress (both long and short). I spotted  this one during one of my endless online raid of boohoo, that happens to be my favourite pastime btw you know, raiding online stores and drooling only checking out when the clothe is absolutely jaw dropping and the price to good to be true. That exactly was the situation with this gorgeous lace off the shoulder white dress ( I really need to find another superlative to qualify how I feel about a dress or fit). My camera honestly does this dress no justice, I do blame the weather though, it was one of those rainy gloomy days we seem to be blessed with now seeing as so many people complained about the beautiful sunshine we had and the weather gods decided to let us ungrateful weather moaners have it. Anyhoo back to the dress, I have included a picture from boohoo so you guys can proper see the texture on it. Guys I have got blue cornrows on, I have never done a blue braid my whole entire life, I bought the extensions on a whim, I told myself, I was like you know what, I want to do something different, I am getting all excited about fashion agan, actually when am I never? Hehe. I started with baby steps, making it into a cornrow . I am really loving it, I think it suits me,  I didn’t realize it before but blue is actually one of my fave colours, I could never commit to one fave colour. When I take off this hairdo I am going to get single braids in the same blue shade, I think its gonna be flames, raaaaaa! I honestly cant wait. Meanwhile what do you think of my look? I have styled it with trainers and a hat  for that casual vibe, it could easily be dressed up with heeled tan sandals, I love tan and white, another fave combo of mine. Thanks so much for stopping by. I post weekly so check back next week for another new post. xx

Dress – here, Trainers – Adidas, Hat – HM

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