New In/ Hot Bargain Finds

Yall already know I am a budget chic, I am always looking for deals, I hate to buy anything at full price, This is why I love online shopping, I put away things I love in my wish list and wait for some discount code to apply before I hit checkout. My real life friends know I am all about scores, deals and thrift stores and those of you who have been with me on this blogging journey for a while know your girl is all about that thrift life. Continue reading New In/ Hot Bargain Finds

Autumn/Fall Makeup Routine – Brown Gold Eyes and Dark Berry Lips


Hello Everyone, how are you doing? The change in the season calls for a change in our makeup routine as well as our style, so as we begin to pile on the outfits upon one another aka layering, our makeup also starts getting darker … . I love summer and wish we could have summer all year long but then I also am a very positive person and believe in making the best of every season and situation, therefore, on that note, I went Fall/autumn Lipstick as well outfit shopping. Today, I am sharing with you lovelies this look that I have been rocking lately, I shared it on my social media and the love on it was immense.

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Make Up Wishlist – Highly Recommended by Top Beauty Bloggers


Hi guys! how are you doing? I have recently developed a love interest with Make up and have been devouring tutorials from various youtubers of color, my faves includes JennieJenkins, Patricia Bright, Jackie O, ItsmyRayeRaye, Chanel Boateng and many more that I cant remember off the top of my head right now. I have also started a youtube channel, check me out here. Back to topic, these are some of the make up items  that are hot right now with youtubers, they come highly recommended and even though my broke ass cant afford them all at once, I hope to get them one at a time and ofcourse share with you guys too.

Sasha Butter cup setting powder – I currently have the Ben Nye
setting powder which is great too, I have no complaints on it but this one have been lauded too and so I would like to give it  a go too, its also cheaper than the Ben Nye one incase you are thinking of getting yourself one, you can get it here

Nars Concealer/LA girl concealers – My foray into make up and beauty shows that concealers are a very important routine to achieving that flawless look, I have heard so much review on this two, the LA girl one is very affordable and good too, LA Girl Cosmetics Pro Concealer Fawn is great for highlighting in dark skin. The Nars one is a bit high end and comes highly recommended. I am yet to try this one but I can definitely vouch the LA Girl brand, I use the fawn to highlight and the Mahogany to contour. Black Opal Stick Foundation is also really great for highlighting and contouring and pretty affordable as well.

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation – I have to get this product seriously, the reviews on it are AHmazing, I currently have the Mac Studio fix one which is equally great but I cant wait to try out this one too, the shade – benares would be the perfect shade skin tone.

Urban Decay Naked Three Palette – The current trend seems to be the rose nude pallette for an everyday au naturel look, this is a fave of the naked pallette among youtubers , the palettes are soft and nudish and great  for everyday glam look, its a bit pricey though but from the reviews totally worth it if you can afford it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Brow Pomade – This is great for getting that brow on fleek, its a fave amongst my fave youtubers so I am curious to what the ish is about naturally, I currently use the Sleek one and honestly, it does the job too, its very affordable also incase you are on a budget or just starting out like myself.

Color Pop Liquid Lipstick – Honestly I adore its my Raye Raye and ever since her collab with color pop, my dark sisters have been on her lippy  like moths to flames and I would love to try it out also especially the Sting Raye. Basically Liquid lippies are having a moment now, the Kylie Jenner one sold out with the snap of a finger, the reviews are equally good on that one too.

So guys! There you have it, my current make up lust list off the top of my head and as suggested by some of my faves , do you have any you swear by? Let me know in the comment section, lets chat.

Product Review – LaCura Caviar Day and Night Cream

IMG_3227I dont know why I get pretty lazy when it comes to reviewing products, i actually review them in my head, they just never make it to the blog, I was almost going to do the same with this product but I thought hey! Nelo, that would be very unfair, infact one of the most awful thing you could ever do to your loyal readers. These products are so good and so affordable, It would be utterly unforgivable to keep it to myself.  Aldi only produces limited numbers at a time so it’s always sold out but the brochure says its coming back this thursday so I thought I better let you all know about so you can go get it and thank me later. Continue reading Product Review – LaCura Caviar Day and Night Cream

Product Review /New In – Olay Regenerist Super Renewal Elixir Daily Treatment Night


I recently resolved to do more about my skin, as we grow older, our bodies demand we take care of them or they wither, fine lines start to appear on the face, previously flat stomachs develop pouches out of nowhere, good genes are suddenly no longer enough. We discover that to keep fit, retain the flat tummy, have that flawless skin and keep aging some light years away, we need to put in the works. Some of you may be wondering why anti-aging though? Surely you are not that old yet? True! But research have shown that the earlier you start with the anti-aging creams, the better and that as we grow older, serums are better night creams as they are easily absorbed into the skin. Continue reading Product Review /New In – Olay Regenerist Super Renewal Elixir Daily Treatment Night

Rock it or Ditch it? The Red Eye Shadow Make Up Trend

Red eyeshadow beauty trendHmm, this trend is very risqué, it is definitely for the audacious ones. The look first made its appearance on the runway but unlike some others that stick to just runways and editorials, this one has found its way to the red carpet ala Cara Delavigne, to TV via Jlo and now unto the stage as Trend setter Solange made her appearance just recently  rocking it. In all cases the lips were kept soft and nude. So what do you think? Would you be trying this? Would we be seeing more of this now? As for me, err… I am not that bold, I mean I am still struggling with regular make up look .

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Product Review – Aldi's Lacura Gentle Face wash Gel

IMG_2597Recently I decided I needed to up my make up game, you know go the whole nine yards and so I dusted my foundation,bought a concealer, contour and high lighting kits basically all that the fancy make up vloggers or youtubbers recommend for starters. The downside of that was that I started breaking out badly, whiteheads on my nose, nothing seemed to help and nope, I never slept with my make up on, I always cleaned it off with make up wipes, washed with Neutrogena wash and toner, followed by a moisturiser. I have used those products for years and its always been good to me but suddenly it just wasnt enough although I did read somewhere that one needs to regularly switch up ones skin care product as they tend to stop working after a while so maybe that was the case with those .IMG_2598

Now, I have always shopped at Aldi but for some reason never paid attention to their skincare brand. On this day I decided to purchase their wipes , I loved it, my face felt supple and hydrated after use so I decided to give their washing gel a trial and boy was that the smartest thing ever? I love that it has no smell, its soapfree and after washing my face feels squeaky clean, within one week of use, the acne was all dried up and gone. I have also observed that throughout the day, my face feels smooth, hydrated and matte.

I would definitely recommend this product, its very cost effective at £1.29, it lasts one quite a while, I use it very generously day and night and a bottle lasts about a month. I would definitely be buying this product again, matter of fact, I have gone ahead and bought two packs already. This product is really that good for my oily and sensitive skin, I cant stop gushing about it. Have you tried any of Aldi skincare products? What are your thoughts?

Fantastic beauty moments from Rihanna and Carolyn Danjuma

3 Rihanna's Griffin H&M White Racerfront Bodysuit, Mother Denim Skirt, V Files White Cap, and Tom Ford Naked Padlock SandalsThis is my very first beauty post on this blog, I have recently taken to beauty and make up so I am only beginning to sit up and take note of beauty products out there and by gosh they are so numerous, I dont even know where to start from but I digress, lets talk about the lip shades on these two beautiful woman. Riri’s is a flat out fabulous matte pink shade while Caroline is a red creamy shade. Who knows what lip colour Riri has got on pleaase?? Its fabulous! Caroline Danjuma - BellaNaija - August2015

How to loose pregnancy weight (my story) Contd

IMG-20150621-WA0009I am so sorry this is coming late. In my defence, caring for the little one is never easy. We have just established a routine where I put her bed at night and she actually sleeps for a while before she starts screaming for me. I will jump into this post as I cant afford to ramble, time is a very scarce commodity when you have a little one or little ones as the case maybe. I tell all of you who are yet to have kids, ENJOY YOURSELF NOW TO THE HILT! Because when the little one comes along, time alone will be a memory.

Firstly I will give credit to breastfeeding. I breastfed my little one exclusively for five months and have only just introduced her solids. I am still breastfeeding her and will do so until she starts to grow teeth, she is a late bloomer in that regards. It is said that breastfeeding helps to shrink the womb and aids weight loss along with all other numerous health benefits both for baby and mum. I hear some people worry breastfeeding will cause their boobs to loose elasticity and droop, that’s one big fat lie, nature will eventually have her way and as my people will say and what goes up must surely come down, however you can buy yourself time by investing in a good nursing bra, wear it 247, Yes I said 247, you only take it off to shower! I sleep with mine, wake with it and breastfeed my baby with it and I am happy to announce that the breasts are still quite perky,though not as firm . Continue reading How to loose pregnancy weight (my story) Contd