How I wear – Slip Dress For Fall

If you love your slip dresses and not ready to let them go yet , wondering how you can rock them still fo fall then you are welcome. I actually got mine recently. I thrifted them for £4 (insert cheesy grin here, I am so proud of myself). To make if fall appropriate, I have simply popped on an oversized coat (my hubby’s actually), men’s coat make for the best oversized fit IMO. I finished the look with a thigh high boot as you can see the slip on it is quite risque and since I didn’t want to pop on tights yet, I figured an OTK boots will do just fine. What do you guys think? I have so many ways in mind to style this slip dress, you can layer it over a thing high neck, layer an oversized jumper on it, throw on a long coat or cardigan on it. The ways are endless really and oh so stylish too.

Red x Wine

Not exactly groundbreaking but red and wine actually go together very well hehe. The both colors are really fiery so I toned it down with a nude OTK boots. What do you think? My corduroy shorts and red top are both from @ primark. Glasses are from Ebay, boots are justfabuk, bag is thrifted. Continue reading Red x Wine

Styling Cycling Shorts

Hi everyone, who missed me? Yasss I am back with cycling shorts, I love this cycle shorts trend I cant even fit to lie. Thanks to Kim and Kanye, this trend is now so mainstream and everyone and their mama including those who swear Kim have no business winning influencer of the year awards are wearing, Its so easy to dress up and dress down depending on the occasion. Its so effortlessly chic. I love it best worn with oversized jacket or blazer though. This boohoo blazer is the dream though. I absolutely love it. Its perfect throw on over mini dresses/ skirts/ shorts. I love the oversized fit. I have switched up the accessories a bit, same outfit but different accessories, let me know which styling was your fave fam.

So guys I have just being so busy with life I haven’t been able to keep up with the blog and I apologize. I have a lot of outfit pictures you know but the problem is editing and uploading to the blog. Even as I type this right now, I am practically struggling to keep awake, lol. You can however keep with the styling posts on my Instagram – They appear on there far way earlier than they appear on the blog so you can follow me on there – Nel Osuji  Continue reading Styling Cycling Shorts


My love affair aka obsession with suits continues. I am still undecided as to which is my fave color between red and mustard yellow. I love the two colors and what it does to my melanin. The obvious choice would be to go with black sandals but I opted for this wine red pair because this sandals dont get no love from me. I have had it for over two years now and I have only worn them once. They are really cute, pearl embellished velvet with gold accent, so beautiful, hence the reason I haven’t given them away but they are hella uncomfortable. You would think that a sandal with block heels should be easy right? Not with this pair though, I believe it has something to do with the way the heels are arched. They are not even that high but something about the arch makes this the most uncomfortable pair of sandals I own but I still cant let go. I have decided to keep them for pictorial purposes only. Don’t judge me, I am a blogger afterall. Continue reading I SUIT RED


I should rephrase my caption from suits for the win to Primark suits for the win. Guys this bombastic sexy AF, got me looking like bad ass chic co-ord set is from Primark yall. The pant cost  £20 and the jacket cost £25 so not exactly cheap cheap as per Primark’s pricing but babes I still think its hella affordable. The quality on this is so good, you can tell though from the way it sleeps on my body, its good cotton material plus its not just your regular black and white checked print, this one has a lemon line run through it which sort of brightened the material especially for dark skinned girls like me. I love this suit end OF! Its part of their new season AW 18 collection so if you head to your local store, you should be able to lay your hands on this beauty. Continue reading SUITS FOR THE WIN

Huge Primark Autumn Winter 18 Haul

Hey guys long time no blog. I am super duper sorry, I have been a bit busy but still very active over at instagram – nelosuji. Follow me there for more style inspiration. I am back however and this week I promise to do a post a week because I have so much outfits I have shot just sitting there. I have posted most of them on Instagram but I have so many of them and you can only post as much on Insta so for me this blog is more like an archive so year, one style post per day for the whole of this week until I exhaust the photos. Amen somebodyyyy.

Meanwhile your girl went shopping at PRIMARK last week and lets just say I was blown away with all the lovely things on display. I bought a lot of things, it was huge and lovely and I cant wait to wear them as the temps drop. Check out what I got in the video above.

Boots –  Boohoo here


I won’t exactly call myself a wild one, a rebel definitely, I have always done me, I am not easily influenced, I have my own mind, I use my brain alot and can always see through a farce . I am a little naive though, the obvious things that eludes my consciousness but trust me when I catch on, its byee, I have zero time for BS. This is probable why I don’t have much friends, I can’t stand it  when friendships begin to seem like work and competition, I have so much on my plate already, I always did even when I was single. Alright guys so that was a little bit of intro into my personality now lets talk about my jumpsuit.

Animal prints especially leopard and snake prints are a trend this season, all the high street shops are filled with them and I have spotted quite a few of my fave bloggers spotting the trend. I haven’t got a leopard or snake print anything in my wardrobe , I have no idea why and even though I have had my eye on the trend for awhile ,  I didn’t find any piece that would make me take the plunge until I walked into Newlook recently and saw this jumpsuit. I knew I had to get it immediately, they didn’t have it in my current size (size 14, closes eyes, still lugging around some baby fat guys),  but you know what? I couldn’t care less, they had it in a size 12 and size 16. I hate it when jumpsuits are too tight so I sized up and went for the 16 and I can’t say I am mad at the fit, I loved the loose fit, it came with a belt to cinch it at the waist for some shape/curve. As always now that I am into this trend, I have dived in, hook line and sinker, as you can see I have styled it with another new purchase, this utterly gorgeous leopard print pair of sandals from Boohoo. I also picked up a snake print shirt and leopard print skirt, I can’t wait to style and share with you guys.

PS – I want to say a big thank you to you all for reading my blog and checking out my style, for your comments on my blog and on my other social media outlets, I really appreciate them and they mean the world to me. I blog because I love it and to see you lot checking for me just makes me even happier and appreciated. Have a lovely weekend fam and please do me a favour, if you liked the post , share! Thanks xx. Continue reading WILD REBEL


This picture imperfect as it is with the rumpled skirt and my unshaved armpits (covers face) reminds me of life and how much we hold ourselves back , how much we judge ourselves harshly , upholding ourselves to such standards that we will rather not try at all. We come up with ideas in our head and straight away we come up with counter ideas, with things that we convince ourselves have to be in place before we can get to work on our ideas, before we can share them with the world. I can’t tell you guys how many times I have been guilty of this, I didn’t realize it was a thing even until a fellow youtuber discussed this on one of her vlogs, she called  it “aesthetics”, she talked about how the aesthetics of things could stop us from doing, how we get so wrapped up in the aesthetics we delay or never deliver the plan. Don’t get me wrong guys, I am equally here for the aesthetics, what I am trying to say however is this, do not let the need for the perfect aesthetics stop you from going on with your plans, start first and then take it from there, build on the aesthetics as you go on. Continue reading IMPERFECT!


Carpe diem, seize the day is the word that’s running through my mind as I edit and upload this pictures. The weather today has been all shades of messy, its been raining all day, very windy and so cold unlike the last couple of weeks with all its perfect and beautiful sunshine. I am so glad we indulged in it, we went out as often as we could, the children didn’t like the heat, they mumbled every now and then but me, I loved it, I gloried in the sun, the way it scorched my skin, turned my already dark skin even darker,  I embraced the heat, I wore all the colors and whites and sheers I could wear. I loved and cherished every day with the sunshine because I knew how unpredictable british summer can be.

This pictures were taken last saturday, the sun was blaring down hard, the hubs and I decided to take the children to East London for some good old sight seeing, I love the graffitti coated walls of East London, the buzz, the artsy vibe, the boho feels about it. We ended up at Brick Lane, that place is a whole vibe on its own, lots of stylish people out and about, uncountable vintage stores, quirky stores, street music and indian restaurants, we stopped at one of the restaurants and had ourselves the most sumptuous and delicious meal.   I rekindled my love affair with samosa and had so much nan bread with stew (I forget what they call their mildly hit stew with lamb meat ). I always go for lamb meat when I dine out, no point eating chicken out when I eat that almost every other day at home.

We ate to our fill, indulged in more sightseeing, went through Spitalfield market , took the bus to London Bridge where caught our train home. It was such a beautiful day even more beautiful than my lovely colourful boohoo floral skirt. The skirt is so lightweight. I obviously have a thing for the colour Yellow or Mustard as the case may be. I went all out and styled it with my red Zara top I had almost forgotten I had but rediscovered during my last wardrobe clear out. I filmed it on my channel, do it check it out on my youtube here.

Floral skirt – Boohoo here, Top – Zara, Sandals – Primark, Bag – Thrifted

Sunshine, Melanin and a Maxi White Dress

Oh hey, look who is back wearing white again, meee, lol. I don’t know but there’s something about white that totally gets me, maybe its the way it makes my melanin pop? Or the way it reflects and bounces off the sun. We are currently experiencing heatwave in the UK here, the weather has been so blazing hot and I have been loving it. I know some people are moaning about it but honestly I don’t want it to end. I love the sun, it makes my heart sing. But then again, I visited a friend the other day in South Croydon and I honestly couldn’t believe how hot and humid his home was so I can totally understand if this person bitches about this weather, it was honestly unbearable, I couldn’t imagine lasting a day in that house in this weather. Continue reading Sunshine, Melanin and a Maxi White Dress