Minis, Check and Fishnet for Spring Style

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great weekend? Mine was a cool and quiet one, spent with my lil family, we also had a bit of a good news which I am going to share with you guys soon. Sorry to keep you guys waiting on it. Continue reading Minis, Check and Fishnet for Spring Style

My London Fashion Week Debut – Ceci_Official AW17

Hi Everyone,  what’s popping? Yeah so your gal attended her first London fashion show last week saturday and I can genuinely tell you guys I was so pumped! I was so excited, I mean I have lived in London for three years now and this is the first time I am attending a show proper during LFW. Continue reading My London Fashion Week Debut – Ceci_Official AW17

Green Velvet, Red and Some Sparkle

Apologies for the hordes of pictures, I just couldnt decide which to bin and keep and then I was like you know what? I’m just going to post all as I am sure you guys will love them all just as much as I did (wrings fingers and bats eye lids). Sooo… whats up guys, its been a hot minute with the outfit posts I know , I am sorry but lately I haven’t been in the mood to dress up at all. You guys wont believe this but I haven’t worn any form of makeup on my face for the past two weeks, I simply go out like that, face bare, not caring, not motivated at all, I mean I went from making up to chill at home to going everywhere barefaced.  Thankfully that phase seem to be clearing out, I hope! Continue reading Green Velvet, Red and Some Sparkle

How to / Three Ways to Style – The Hoodie Top

Hoodies are def a thing right now, I like how cool and effortless they can be, they are so chill and great for keeping warm too as you all know the weather has been so cold lately, damn! I am so over this cold. I have been feeling a little under the weather lately and I know that the cold is also a contributing factor. I need the sun and some warmth in my life asap! So if you need a quick style fix, great for mums (just dont opt for white though, lol), get your self one of these hoodies, HM, Misguided and a lot of the high streets  are filled with lots and lots of them, super affordable too, style them with skirts, tights, trousers and finish off with sneaks or boots and get your cool on. What do you guys think? Yay or Nay?

Continue reading How to / Three Ways to Style – The Hoodie Top

How to Rock Ripped Jeans in Winter

How to style Ripped jeans for Winter Last weekend, we took Nono out for a day out in the park, I wanted a look that was chic, casual and very mum appropriate, you know comfortable enough for the endless treks and walk around the park and for running around with my kid, I have a vlog on that day below. Continue reading How to Rock Ripped Jeans in Winter

How to Rock White – Winter Edition

How to wear WHITE in Winter and get away with it? Its simple just wear IT! I did hear someone say No white in Winter? Really? Anyway we all know how I feel about rules and shii when it comes to fashion and styling, IDGAF! Its as simple as that, wear what you wanna, style how you wanna, just do you basically, what matters is how you feel. Continue reading How to Rock White – Winter Edition

Talking Resolutions in my Coat of many Colors

Hi everyone, I believe by now, we are all settling into the new year and started working on our resolutions. I know some of us don’t believe in New year resolutions and all the brouhaha that comes with it, personally I believe resolutions should be made everyday, but of course, we all can’t deny the new year always comes with its own burst of new energy and stock taking, you are forced to look at the year ended, how far you have come and what you can do better. Continue reading Talking Resolutions in my Coat of many Colors

Chic Camouflage

This post was one of those that almost got away or maybe I was keeping it for weeks like this one when I just couldnt  be bothered to dress up, I have honestly been lounging in pjs since christmas and even when I manage to throw something on because I had to step, I couldnt be bothered with makeups and all. Continue reading Chic Camouflage

Different Shades of Autumn

Before we embrace  Winter fully, I thought I deck out in my fave autumnal shades – Mustard, Rust, Camel and black peeking through. That suede leather  Rust skirt is a fave of mine, perfect for cold days just make sure to style with thigh high boots or better still double up on the tights and you are good to go, looking stylish AF and warm as ever. BTW I am currently attempting VLOGMAS over at my youtube channel, so its been a marathon of activities over there, check me out here. Continue reading Different Shades of Autumn

Camel X Denim

img_5915This winter I am trying not to be a jean and coat girl and it’s been so much fun, I don’t know why my subconscious previously equated winter with a pair of jean/leather pants and coats. Coats are still a must but this season, there are lots of midis, maxis and floral dresses out there that one can layer with jumpers and coats, tights underneath for additional warmth.  Continue reading Camel X Denim