What I wore- Denim Jumpsuit

20130622_163358Overalls and dungarees are bang on trend this season. I have had this denim jumpsuit for over a year now. Got them second hand from a friend who deals in second hand clothing. I haven’t worn them much but with the whole grunge look dominating, I figured I’d give mine a dusting and werk it. I musta rocked IT, my neighbor asked me if I now work in showbiz. Lol!20130622_163534 Continue reading What I wore- Denim Jumpsuit

What I wore- Dark shades on like I cant see You…

20130617_175544Bet you are wondering what my caption is all about. Lol! Blame it on the sales boy who sold those shades to me.  I knew I needed a pair of round shades in my life so I went to the market in search of one. As soon as I informed the shop attendant I needed a pair of round sunnies, he asked if I meant “burner Boi’s shades”?

I did an automatic flashback to Burner Boi in that famous and classic video “Like to party” so I figured that was it. Cut a long story short, he got me this one, I tried it on, liked it, paid and decided to swagger out of the shop with my dark shades on and Burner Boi’s “Like to Party playing in my head. 20130617_175654 Continue reading What I wore- Dark shades on like I cant see You…

What I wore- Ankara dress by Chinkara Designs

20130614_184319I love African fashion and would really love to buy Nigerian more. I am a fashion lover with limited funds and have always thought Nigerian designers too costly, I understand that some are really pricey because of the quality of their product coupled with the prevalent economic and power condition in the country. Some of these designers have to buy their fabrics outside the country, have to work round the clock on generators, pay their staff amidst other things. Basically running a business in this rich country of ours is very very expensive. No thanks to our corrupt leaders .

I digress though, So back Nigerian designers, I check the cost of some of their designs online and simply whistle as I know my little budget cant accommodate those purchases, at least not yet. I really must give kudos to events like LPM and co that make it possible for us to come across some young designers with great pieces and at very affordable rate too. I attended LPM for the very first time early this year and came across this very talented designer – Chinkara designs. I thought her wares made from Ankara fabrics were very pretty, stylish, colorful and nicely cut. So I approached her stand with trepidation convinced she was going to be overpriced as usual. I was pleasantly surprised at the prices, my eyes popped and in my head I was going wow! wow!! wow!!! Suffice it to say I got this dress from her and it cost me less than N5000, I was going to get a pant from her too unfortunately my ass wont fit in.20130614_183911

If you are interested in buying Nigerian like me but scared they are too pricy, do check out events like LPM if you are in Lagos, DMP in Abuja and you would be amazed at the talent we got here and very very affordable too.

LPM- Le Petit Marche Nigeria holds every last Saturday of the Month at Imperial place, 27 Ajose Adeogun Victoria Island Lagos, 12- 7 pm.

DMP- Designers Market place take place on the first Saturday of every month at City Park (Behind Diamond Bank), Ahmadu Bello Way, Wuse 2, Abuja. Continue reading What I wore- Ankara dress by Chinkara Designs

Almost Forgotten

Took this photos last year when I first chopped my hair off, was going through my camera recently and stumbled on them. I decided to share. PS- I have recently chopped my hair again. I guess I just love the feel of cold water on my hair.


Think Velvet and Gold Metallics.

20130525_174817I am still on leave. I go to bed as late as 3 pm and wake as late as 11 am, the life :D. I am just so sad this would be over soon.  My leave is for two weeks while one week was spent gallivanting up and down Lagos and Nigeria, the other week I am  spending at home sleeping, catching up on movies and books. I need that peace before the craziness of work and Lagos life sets in again.This outfit was during my gallivanting week, wore this hook up with the boo and family. Love how the gold metallic sandals elevated the simple Tee and pant combo. What do you think? Continue reading Think Velvet and Gold Metallics.

What I wore- Silk Print shirt

???????????????????????????????Funny I have had this Silk print shirt for almost a year, got it during one of my thrifting ventures but somehow just never found the right jean or skirt to wear with it to get that fit I sought. I had almost given up on it when these colorful denim pant came into my life. I got them to pair with my pink jacket but unfortunately both pinks were off. Does this happen to you? I got that pink pant convinced it would work with the blazer, tried both at night in semi darkness, thanks to Nepa or Phcn (my Nigerian readers understand me perfectly here), only to try both out the next morning and realized the colors were off, as in you cannot manage it totally off. Panic mode activated.???????????????????????????????When stuff like this happens to me, I tend to panic, reason been that I am almost always running late with preparation for work, every second is crucial  so any minor setback such as say a stain on the dress or colors not co-ordinating as was the case this day means I am definitely going to be late to work.IMG_1584In panic, I attacked my wardrobe, pulling out different clothes to try out, the ones that seemed like they could work were rumpled, no power to iron them. I was still in my frenzy state, sighing and cursing when the silk shirt fell out. I stared at it in epiphany, picked it up, matched it with the pink pant I still had on and smiled. This would work, I just knew it! I wore them and voila, end product. What do you think?

Continue reading What I wore- Silk Print shirt

What I wore- Purple Prints

20130519_174137Becoming a style blogger has definitely made me more aware of my surroundings. As I walk down the street, I am checking out views and corners and thinking this or that  would make a good drop for an outfit post. It was while on one of such strolls with my mate that I came across this view, the street was kinda deserted and I thought to my self, this view would make for an outfit post sometime, I checked myself out and thought actually why not now? So I gave my mate a sly look and went “errm this is a great view for a good pix isn’t it?” Lol at the look on his face cause he knew exactly what was coming next as I had already started digging through my bag in search of my camera. And as I thought, the backdrop was lovely. A big thank you to all my friends who always spare me those few minutes of their time taking my pictures, you guys know I appreciate yall.20130519_17444920130519_174151 Continue reading What I wore- Purple Prints

What I wore- Double Denim et Peplum affair

???????????????????????????????If you love Peplums as much as I do and find a peplum top in denim, you don’t think, you just go ahead and grab it. I have my fears with belle bottom pants, I mean I love that fashion but I always feel like it’s a bit risque for a petite and thick girl like me. That said I don’t believe you cannot not wear anything, I think its just about finding ways to make it work for your body. What I have learned over time is that I could risqué it but WITH HEELS. Its got to have an extra length to it and worn with heels to give the illusion of height. Whaddayathink?IMG_1579I would have gone for a pump to give the look that extra oomph but this day was all about running around for me and since I cannot change into my trusted flats, I had to go for my trusted and extremely comfortable wedge sandals.??????????????????????????????? Continue reading What I wore- Double Denim et Peplum affair

What I wore- Neon Prints


I am still loving me some more and more neon! Remember when i gushed about the Karen Ubani’s new collection here. I gushed on the Satin wide legged pant but after I got it, I didnt like the fit. I hit her up and she offered to have them changed. The moment I set my eyes on this neon prints straight pants I fell hard, I mean its got Neon green prints? Its high waisted and very budget friendly too! Whats not to  love? I knew the moment I tried on the pant that when I do wear it, I want to play up the neon. In other news, my sister is so utterly sick of how I go on and on on these neon thingy. Lol!?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Continue reading What I wore- Neon Prints

Happy Birthday to Me

DSC_0232Henry, Dhebbie and myself

I got so much Love today I am absolutely grateful. I said it on my facebook page before and on my BBM too. I am absolutely thankful for all the love shown me. I am totally overwhelmed and absolutely embarrased by all the love. As you can tell from the pictures, it was a fun day. I barely managed to get anything done in the office but hey, its allowed  only for Today. I am the birthday girl afterall! 😀DSC_0484On days like this, one is tempted to think one’s life and see all that all that one is yet to achieve, while this is also good as growth is absolutely necessary in life, birthdays are also time to take in all that we already have and be thankful! DSC_0488 Continue reading Happy Birthday to Me