The Perfect Little White Dress for Summer

In my style note, a perfect white dress is a must have in every fashionista wardrobe especially for this season when the sun blares down on us in all her superficial glory. I have to admit though, this year I seem to have developed a fetish for white, in my wardrobe currently I have a white variation of everything, shorts, jeans, skirt, dress (both long and short). I spotted  this one during one of my endless online raid of boohoo, that happens to be my favourite pastime btw you know, raiding online stores and drooling only checking out when the clothe is absolutely jaw dropping and the price to good to be true. That exactly was the situation with this gorgeous lace off the shoulder white dress ( I really need to find another superlative to qualify how I feel about a dress or fit). My camera honestly does this dress no justice, I do blame the weather though, it was one of those rainy gloomy days we seem to be blessed with now seeing as so many people complained about the beautiful sunshine we had and the weather gods decided to let us ungrateful weather moaners have it. Anyhoo back to the dress, I have included a picture from boohoo so you guys can proper see the texture on it. Continue reading The Perfect Little White Dress for Summer

Florals? For Summer? Groundbreaking!

Florals for summer or spring aren’t exactly groundbreaking as Miranda Priestly sarcastically pointed out in Devil wears Prada. I absolutely have to see that film again . Meryl Strip was an absolute delight, rumour has it she was modelled after Anna Wintour who has since debunked that fallacy, she claims she is nothing like her and I don’t care really, what I do care about though is this gorgeous gorgeous floral summer dress I have on here. It’s from HM. I love the colour, the floral pattern, the tie details on the strap, the ruched detail on the neckline and best of all, the way it flowsss, this is the absolute barbecue/drinks with friends summer dress for moms and single babes alike. If you couldn’t be bothered about ducking your tummy in and all that jazz you are gonna love this dress plus the quality on it is amazing! HM has a knack for creating top quality pieces like this that could almost pass for a designer piece, actually I wouldn’t be surprised if this dress turns out to be a designer knockoff. Lol.

Another way I would Style this dress is with a head band, it would be so Dolce and Gabbana. I would also wear with trainers and bum bag. I have been loving the weather lately, I would be legit depressed when it ends and the dreary winter comes through.

Anyhoo, I am making the most of the sun, currently out with the fam, we are off to East London to go eat some Indian cuisine. Have a lovely weekend and see y’all on Thursday xx.

Dress – HM (will link if available when I get home ). Continue reading Florals? For Summer? Groundbreaking!

World Cup Fever – Repping Team Super Eagles of NGR

The World Cup is on right now and I fear I have caught the bug. I am not really into football but you see as a Nigerian, you can’t help but get into when the Super Eagles are playing. Football is the one thing that unleashes our madness, our creativity, that unifies us. When The Nigerian team scores, no one cares which tribe the player is from, we are all united in our enthusiasm and celebration. It’s a Nigerian goal, not a Yoruba goal, not an Igbo or Hausa goal, it’s a Nigerian goal. When we merry also, we hug and clasp one another regardless of tribe and differences. It’s beautiful to watch.

And of course not forgetting the fashion, Nigerians are very fashionable, one of the most fashionable people in the world (my opinion) and this year we saw fashion and sport merge together to create what has been the termed the most beautiful jersey in the World Cup, don’t know if this statement is official so please don’t quote me , lol. What I do know however is that the jersey is currently sold out, there are a lot of shoots and pictures on the internet of people sporting the jersey and looking hella cute. I didn’t manage to snag one but like I said I have caught the World Cup fever and this is my way of cheering my boys on in style. We are playing today against Argentina and I want to wish Team Super Eagles all the best.

What do you guys think of my look? Sis you did that! Or hmmm?

Move Over LBD, Hello Little Yellow Dress

Yasss move over little black dress, the new bae is here and she is the little yellow/mustard dress. If you didn’t know well now you know, I mean it’s been making moves here and there but after Amal Clooney showed up to the royal wedding in that Mustard yellow Stella McCartney number, the rest is history. This is officially the color of the season, it suits every skin tone and shade, it flatters everyone, its bold without being brash you know I mean? I have just been stocking up on them lately, This one from Boohoo is a treat, issa snack. I wore it to a barbecue the other day and I didnt have to worry about sucking in and all that jazz and the cinched waist meant that it still gave some curves yall. It really is the best outfit for when you want to be cute and still eat all the food at the party. Thank me later. Continue reading Move Over LBD, Hello Little Yellow Dress

The Summer Trend You Need To Wear Now – Shorts and Blazer Co – Ord (Suits)

Summer Suit @roressclothes closet ideas #women fashion outfit #clothing style apparel

Get ahead of the fashion pack and grab yourself a shorts pants suit right now, this trend is going to be big for summer, it’s very flattering on all sizes and shapes, pair with a trainer, sandals or brogues for that  IT fashion girl look. I would suggest going for linen fabrics, they are so floaty and flattering, go for colors too, it is summer after all, what better time to rock your colors than now. The good thing about this trend is how easy it is to style, this is the thing I love about co-ords actually, they are so throw on and go which is a good vibe for me any day and time as a hella busy mom of two. I also love that it can be broken up, worn separately and you have a whole new outfit. I have linked some affordable options below. Do check em out. Continue reading The Summer Trend You Need To Wear Now – Shorts and Blazer Co – Ord (Suits)

Not Good Enough

Fashion blogging has definitely gone beyond just wearing a dress and taking pics, there is a lot that goes into it now, while the clothe is still important, you now have to worry about picture quality, getting a professional camera, cutesy location, breath taking poses, just so much. The competition out there is insane and it’s hard not to get sunk in and feel like you ain’t good enough. I love fashion and love blogging but I am a bloody broke ass right now. I shop cheap and wear them well. The styling isn’t a problem for me. I wish I could afford a photographer or have a blogger mate, so we could meet up in cool locations and take some bomb ass photos, that would be sooo cool. This one was taken in my backyard by myself and I know its just not good enough. I imagine this dress in a lovely location, maybe a cool bar, or a florist shop with all the colors bursting through. Essentially an amazing background, great lightning, these are the kind of content I want to create but cant afford to right now so I make do with these ones in the mean time. If you are reading this post and you live in South East London and need a blogger mate to meet up and shoot outfits in cool locations, lets hook up, give me a shout via dm – Insta (@nelOsuji) or email. Continue reading Not Good Enough

Birthday Vibes

 It was my birthday on Sunday May 6, it couldn’t have picked a more perfect day to fall on. It was a bank holiday weekend.  I woke up in the morning , reminded my girl it was my birthday and she sang me the most beautiful happy birthday song ever. My heart nearly combusted with love. I got some on camera and hopefully my birthday vlog should be up by tomorrow, do check out my youtube channel here.  The hubby got me a charm bracelet, sang me some more birthday song, I somehow lost the footage on that or thought I was recording it but didn’t. There wasn’t any elaborate celebration just a cozy time with family, my hubby, two girls, my bro in law, his son and a friend. It was simply the best day, we drank, we ate and we talked a lot about Nigeria, Religion, Culture, raising children and so many other randoms.  Continue reading Birthday Vibes

Consistency is KEY

Hi everyone, I feel like the world’s worst fashion blogger right now, my  views have plummeted and I know its all my fault. Consistency is really the key to nailing this blogging thing you know, forget everything you have read, it doesn’t matter how fabulous your style is, if you are not consistent, your views go down.

Aint nobody got time to be checking for you if you are not checking for yourself. It’s that simple, I have had this look sitting there for a while but have just been too lazy/busy to post it. I think Instagram is also to blame for the slow posts you know, these days, once the pic is taken, one is quick to post one or two on Insta and then get too lazy to post it on the blog but I am going to try and change and hopefully I get you all to come back. I am going to challenge myself to post once a day for  seven days, starting today actually. I swear this is so on the spot. I literally came up with this idea right now. Gosh am I crazy or what? But guess? I am going to see it through. So yeah lets do this. I have so many post Ideas I have been sleeping on hopefully this challenge gets me to sit up and DO.

Now how have you all been? Wore this outfit two weeks ago when the weather was so hot and good, this week we have gone back to Winter, its so cold right now, I am literally depressed. I can’t even understand this crazy weather. Anyhoo we still going to get up and get shit done. Have a love week fam and don’t forget you can do anything you set your hearts on, you are the boss! Continue reading Consistency is KEY

Is Self Love The New Synonym For Obesity?

According to a recent report, one in four British adult is obese, this is definitely alarming. What may be the cause of this, one is forced to wonder, at least I am. I have also noticed that this year more than ever, self-love is quite a thing but I fear that as with things when they trend, they get abused and I have started to see that happening already. Continue reading Is Self Love The New Synonym For Obesity?

Double Denim girl

Double denim aka Canadian suit is one of those styles that will never go out of style, its a classic, you can dress it up or down, sex it up or make it preppy. Its suits all ages – both young and old, can be adapted in variety of ways. I recently got this skirt from Primark, I have a video on my recent primark haul here but you know what I am going to do a primark haul post too for those of you who do not have the patience or the data to watch videos.

For spring, its still a bit chilly here, I styled the skirt with a tank and an oversized denim jacket, my hubby’s jacket actually, seriously the easiest and best way to get the perfect oversized jacket is to raid the men’s section, the quality is usually better too. I am still about that cinched waist life as you may have seen from my latest posts here so I grabbed this big ass belt  I am wearing for the first time since I bought it last year.

Another reason I love denim so much is its non discriminatory style, this banger goes with everything but for this look I have opted tanned boots and finished it off with this lil cute glasses I got off ebay. I hope you guys love the look, I apologize for the silence on the blog, I have been swamped with school work and mum life but its the holiday now and I hope to do better. Happy Easter holiday fam, see you all soonest xx. Continue reading Double Denim girl