Fashion Edit inspired by Rihanna (Wild Thoughts)

Hello guys, as promised, here is this week’s fashion edits with links. These looks were inspired by the fenty queen herself Rihanna in new video – Wild thoughts. I was feeling her like crazy  and if I wasn’t knocked up, trust me, this look would have made it to the blog already this week. Style this look with some barely there sandals, a matching color scarf, some big ass hoops for your ears and a colored lens for that eternal slay and thank me later.

Tops – Look one – here ,    Look Two – here, Look Three – here

Trousers – Look one – here,  Look Two –here , Look three – here

ps – I am excited with this series and very open to suggestions, let me know whatever edits you would love to see or what celebrity style you would love to jack high street edit of course and I will get right to it.







Bump Style 14 – Flower Girl

You guys wont believe this is the first time I am wearing this dress since I bought it last year, I dont know why but in the past, every time I reached for the dress, I would change my mind and end up settling for something else,  recently though, I have found a new love for the dress, I am always reaching for it, I love the flowery prints and the flowy breeziness of the fit. I have styled it with trainers because frankly i’m done with heels (I think?) till the baby comes. Continue reading Bump Style 14 – Flower Girl

Bump Style #2 – Pink’d

 My face has gotten so much rounder and my bump keeps getting bigger and bigger, this picture was taken at sixteen weeks and I am still amazed at how much bigger my bump is at this stage in my second pregnancy compared to my first one. The weather is changing, spring is here and so I thought I burst my colors out, pink is going to be a huge color for spring 2017 and this particular hue is very flattering on dark skin. I was going for more is more so I styled it with a pink pumps. What do you think? Continue reading Bump Style #2 – Pink’d

Lets Talk Pregnancy Cravings!!!

Me  and a couple of my girlfriends are pregnant at the same time although they are weeks ahead of me, so you know whenever we get together, the gist is almost always centred around our pregnancies or kids. The other day we got talking about our various pregnancy cravings and one said hers was ‘Ora’ or ‘Oha’ soup depending on your dialect. This is a special igbo delicacy, full of veggies, stock fish, dry fish and assorted meat, the interesting about her craving is that it must be gotten from a particular shop –  Tasties, hahahaha, her tastebud only wanted Tasties Ora soup and of course poor hubby had to do the pick up whenever the craving came on.  Continue reading Lets Talk Pregnancy Cravings!!!

Bump Style #1 – The Dungaree

Hello everyone, so yeah  about time I let the cat out of the bag on here, if you follow me on my youtube channel then you would know already, I announced it in my latest vlog here, your girl is pregnant ! It was quite a pleasant surprise to find out in the early days of January, we have been trying for some time now, interestingly we let go in December as I was all about you know partying and drinking and just enjoying the whole holiday festivity and bam! Thats when it happened! Lol!.  Continue reading Bump Style #1 – The Dungaree

My London Fashion Week Debut – Ceci_Official AW17

Hi Everyone,  what’s popping? Yeah so your gal attended her first London fashion show last week saturday and I can genuinely tell you guys I was so pumped! I was so excited, I mean I have lived in London for three years now and this is the first time I am attending a show proper during LFW. Continue reading My London Fashion Week Debut – Ceci_Official AW17

Valentine’s Day Make Up + Outfit Idea

Hi everyone, two posts in a row? I know I am quite surprised myself but then its Valentine’s day tomorrow so yeah, its allowed. What plans have you got? To be honest, I haven’t got any, I am not feeling too well, Emeka is working so its going to be business as usual with us, we will probably get to do something during the weekend, however if you are going to be unlike me and have yourself a treat this Val day, I was experimenting with the sleek Vintage Romance and palette and came up with this purple look, that palette is pigmented and so affordable about £6.99, I complimented it with Mac Heroine lipstick, you can check out the makeup tutorial below. Continue reading Valentine’s Day Make Up + Outfit Idea

How To Get Motivated and Focused on Your Goal

As a stay at home mom and full time blogger, I have to admit, some days I wake up in the morning and I don’t want to get off that bed. I have to though because I have a toddler whose duty it is to make sure she jerks me off the bed, demand for TV and breakfast, thankfully breakfast is nothing fancy, good old porridge which she enjoys as she catches up with Peppa and her family, she loves that show so much. Lol. Continue reading How To Get Motivated and Focused on Your Goal


Merry Christmas guys! So you know, I intend to lounge all day on Christmas Day in this PJs, well not exactly lounge as I will be entertaining but soon as I get back from church, I am changing straight into it, I will wallop any and everything that comes my way, calories or no calories! Who is with me? Hahahaha. Continue reading MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE


Its Christmas week guys, the holiday has officially started, there are food to eat, parties to attend and with the parties comes the usual anxiety – What to wear, not to worry hun, last year, I shared simple tips to nail your christmas party here, make sure to check that post out guys, this year however , I am taking it a notch higher and sharing three outfit styles you need to nail your holiday party style. Lets get right into it. Continue reading THREE OUTFIT IDEAS you NEED to NAIL your HOLIDAY PARTY STYLE