Boyfriend Coat

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Styling the Track Pants

img_5387Hi guys, welcome to the new week, hope you had a fab weekend, I did, nothing major just some lovely and quality   time with the fam, we went shopping , dined and just chilled at home, I have a vlog coming soon so make sure to subscribe my youtube channel hereContinue reading Styling the Track Pants

Autumn/Fall Makeup Routine – Brown Gold Eyes and Dark Berry Lips


Hello Everyone, how are you doing? The change in the season calls for a change in our makeup routine as well as our style, so as we begin to pile on the outfits upon one another aka layering, our makeup also starts getting darker … . I love summer and wish we could have summer all year long but then I also am a very positive person and believe in making the best of every season and situation, therefore, on that note, I went Fall/autumn Lipstick as well outfit shopping. Today, I am sharing with you lovelies this look that I have been rocking lately, I shared it on my social media and the love on it was immense.

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Coachella Inspired Lookbook – What to Wear to a Music Festival

Hi guys! So as we all know Coachella is this weekend, my fave part of coachella is definitely the fashion and so  I thought I would put together a lookbook of outfits I would wear if I were to attend. I hope you like the looks and do let me know which was your fave. Do have a nice week and I will see you soon. Dont forget to check out and subscribe to my youtube channel

DSC03159 DSC03165 DSC03170 DSC03173

How to take your Outfit from Basic to Glam

Hi guys! How are you doing? Hope you are cool and getting set for the easter holidays. I feel like I am not showing my blog so much love since I started the youtube channel but I promise that is going to change soon, my pal that takes my photos hasn’t been around, after the easter holidays hopefully we can get back to atleast one outfit post per week.

Meanwhile I am active on the youtube channel  as that doesn’t require much help just me setting up the cam and posing or chatting away. In My latest video , I am sharing two ways to glam up a basic Jean and shirt fit. Kindly watch and let me know what you think, Thanks for your support muah!

Naomi Campbell on Racism in Fashion


“Are you essentially accusing the industry that you have done very well in of racism?” asked the white interviewer “really” surprised. Just because one model is top shot doesn’t justify or rationalize having a sprinkle of black models on the runway seasons after seasons. I am very excited with this campaign. I can only imagine how tough and frustrating it must be as a black model in Fashion.

Some people have argued that if we have more black top designers, this would help, we pray for this to happen so fast also but it is not happening yet and we do have black models and they do need the job besides I wouldn’t think it fair for a black top designer to use only black models that would be racist and that is exactly Naomi’s point. It might not even be obvious to the designers and casting crew but then as with everything subconsciously abnormal someone needs to call attention to it. Its not about the few models who have been able to get a breakthrough because some years, some designers are looking for a certain look for their show, it should be about balance, making sure that eash fashion season, everyone, black, white, Asian, red all get a chance. Well said Naomi and kudos to the Diversity team because already I see changes and increased participation of models of colors on spring 2014 runways.

I also wondered at how the interview went from diversity and the lack of it to all that personal talk first on the Charles Taylor incident and then that stupidest talk ever about positive anger and negative anger clearly alluding to Naomi’s anger issues,  he must think Naomi dumb to go with that flow. Of course I loved how home girl (permit me to famz) shut him down.

I have never lived outside this country so I am not familiar with racism. I have Blacks like me around me all the time but from watching this interview, I could glean a bit of the frustration Blacks must feel in their society. Now because of the press the Diversity in Fashion campaign is getting as a result of the personalities championing the cause, Channel 4 is interviewing Naomi Campbell and and the white interviewer starts with that opening question asterisked above. Even in the face of all that stark figures before him from last year runway shows – a whooping 82% white, 6% black and 12% Asian, he thinks it ridiculous and unfair to refer to the fashion industry as racist simply because Naomi a single black woman has excelled in same industry.

I can just imagine a black guy who gets harassed unnecessarily by the force just because of his skin color, or doesn’t get the leadership position he so clearly deserves ahead of some under-qualified white dude complain of racism and some white dude go “How can you say we are a racist country? We voted in Obama and he is black after all. Its not about those one off success stories, it should be about every other aspect of life, of living, of equality and color blindness.

Anyway what do you think? Do you think I am overreacting?