My London Fashion Week Debut – Ceci_Official AW17

Hi Everyone,  what’s popping? Yeah so your gal attended her first London fashion show last week saturday and I can genuinely tell you guys I was so pumped! I was so excited, I mean I have lived in London for three years now and this is the first time I am attending a show proper during LFW. Continue reading My London Fashion Week Debut – Ceci_Official AW17

Post Valentine’s Day Rant – Can Lovers Celebrate in Peace?

Hello everyone, I always have lots of random thoughts running through my mind on the regular and in the past I have tried to keep this blog strictly on fashion and style so I keep them bottled up or share bits and bops on social media but lately I have been thinking,  what’s the point of having a blog if you can’t share everything and anything on it. I am on social media a lot, more as an observer and then I debate some of the things I glean off there by myself or with my husband when he gets back from work. I have decided to change all of that though, I want to share my thoughts with you guys regarding any and everything that catches my fancy on here weekly, maybe I need a name change? Continue reading Post Valentine’s Day Rant – Can Lovers Celebrate in Peace?

Valentine’s Day Make Up + Outfit Idea

Hi everyone, two posts in a row? I know I am quite surprised myself but then its Valentine’s day tomorrow so yeah, its allowed. What plans have you got? To be honest, I haven’t got any, I am not feeling too well, Emeka is working so its going to be business as usual with us, we will probably get to do something during the weekend, however if you are going to be unlike me and have yourself a treat this Val day, I was experimenting with the sleek Vintage Romance and palette and came up with this purple look, that palette is pigmented and so affordable about £6.99, I complimented it with Mac Heroine lipstick, you can check out the makeup tutorial below. Continue reading Valentine’s Day Make Up + Outfit Idea

Androgynous & Girly Valentines Day Look Inspiration ft @fnptravel styled by @metrogypsie

Hello everyone, it’s a day to the much-anticipated Valentine’s day, phew, lol! I did not make a valentine’s lookbook this year, so sorry about that , however if you are looking for some inspiration, I thought this one by my girl Steph of is simply stunning. I love the concept of juxtaposition at play here, you know knocking off Androgyny against the feminine, love the use of colors, prints and the individuality at play here. I found this really inspiring and thought I’d share with you guys, hope you enjoy them too, you can hit up her blog here for more images and inspiration. Have a lovely week darlings! Continue reading Androgynous & Girly Valentines Day Look Inspiration ft @fnptravel styled by @metrogypsie

Green Velvet, Red and Some Sparkle

Apologies for the hordes of pictures, I just couldnt decide which to bin and keep and then I was like you know what? I’m just going to post all as I am sure you guys will love them all just as much as I did (wrings fingers and bats eye lids). Sooo… whats up guys, its been a hot minute with the outfit posts I know , I am sorry but lately I haven’t been in the mood to dress up at all. You guys wont believe this but I haven’t worn any form of makeup on my face for the past two weeks, I simply go out like that, face bare, not caring, not motivated at all, I mean I went from making up to chill at home to going everywhere barefaced.  Thankfully that phase seem to be clearing out, I hope! Continue reading Green Velvet, Red and Some Sparkle

How To Get Motivated and Focused on Your Goal

As a stay at home mom and full time blogger, I have to admit, some days I wake up in the morning and I don’t want to get off that bed. I have to though because I have a toddler whose duty it is to make sure she jerks me off the bed, demand for TV and breakfast, thankfully breakfast is nothing fancy, good old porridge which she enjoys as she catches up with Peppa and her family, she loves that show so much. Lol. Continue reading How To Get Motivated and Focused on Your Goal

How to / Three Ways to Style – The Hoodie Top

Hoodies are def a thing right now, I like how cool and effortless they can be, they are so chill and great for keeping warm too as you all know the weather has been so cold lately, damn! I am so over this cold. I have been feeling a little under the weather lately and I know that the cold is also a contributing factor. I need the sun and some warmth in my life asap! So if you need a quick style fix, great for mums (just dont opt for white though, lol), get your self one of these hoodies, HM, Misguided and a lot of the high streets  are filled with lots and lots of them, super affordable too, style them with skirts, tights, trousers and finish off with sneaks or boots and get your cool on. What do you guys think? Yay or Nay?

Continue reading How to / Three Ways to Style – The Hoodie Top

Trend to Try Now – Dramatic Sleeves

Coeur De Parisienne:

So yeah, sleeves are the new thang right now in fashion, the bigger, the longer the better, essentially no basic sleeves, they have to be as dramatic as possible, you can have them sweep the ground, layer sleeves upon sleeves in tiers, three quarter length, full length, ground sweeping length, its alright! Continue reading Trend to Try Now – Dramatic Sleeves

Cockroaches and Celebrities on a Magazine Cover? Wharrisdis?


Wait! What? I am honestly lost for words, is this a live cockroach? A dead one, was it photoshopped? I know someone will come up with creativity and art and all the yudu yada. I read somewhere that she has a phobia for cockroaches and so somehow this shoot is supposed to help her overcome it? Dead! This is so stinky and I am not getting it. She is beautiful and her makeup is flawless but honestly all I see is that roach and its so disconcerting! Anyway she is brave sha, as for me , I just cant! Yuck! What do you guys think though?

Btw, Tania Omotayo is a model and the the ex or current (i have no idea) girlfriend of Nigerian superstar and musician Wizkid.

Shoot credits:

Photography: @studio24nigeria

Styled by – @missmaliq

Makeup: @omalichamakeover

How to Rock Ripped Jeans in Winter

How to style Ripped jeans for Winter Last weekend, we took Nono out for a day out in the park, I wanted a look that was chic, casual and very mum appropriate, you know comfortable enough for the endless treks and walk around the park and for running around with my kid, I have a vlog on that day below. Continue reading How to Rock Ripped Jeans in Winter