This AW TREND will take Your Wardrobe From 0 – 100 in a Sec

The Beret is looking to  be AW 2017 biggest trend, all the fashionistas and bloggers are donning it, It gives this stylish french girl vibes to your overall look, it can immediately take an outfit from basic to badass in a blink plus you dont need to worry about bad hair day, simply don your beret and hit the streets, work, party wherever looking stylish AF. I got mine from the thrift store, I couldnt believe my luck actually the day I scored it but I have got you covered, some of my fave high street stores have them in loads and they are very affordable, check out the ones below. Continue reading This AW TREND will take Your Wardrobe From 0 – 100 in a Sec

Want. Need. Now! Asos Tailored Power Blazer in Dogstooth

First of all, everyday we live and learn, who knew this check is called dogstooth, I mean I have heard of houndstooth but dogstooth? Hoookay! lol. So I love me this blazer, actually I love black and white is another thing I have discovered about myself. This blazer will complete my wardrobe and my life. Its versatile and can be worn over almost everything. I will make sure to oversize though so it can be worn over jumpers as the temps drops further. Continue reading Want. Need. Now! Asos Tailored Power Blazer in Dogstooth

How to Style Oversized Jumper for Winter Season

Hello lovelies, the temps have definitely dropped proper here in london, I think we have moved from Autumn to Winter, its so chilly right now and time to whip out the knitwears, the jumpers and layer coats/ jackets on them for warmth, how are you keeping warm this season? I have styled this oversized coat with a loose fit girlfriend jeans, I was going for the slouch look but smartened it with the yellow coat, I love that coat, love how it adds a pop of color to the whole look . I wore this to school the other day, my friend Bridge was around when I got home so I had her take me this photos, its definitely way easier and fun to have someone take your photo.

I couldn’t upload any post last week because its been real, the hubby travelled and so its been just me and the girls and I swear its been real, I wake up in the morning and before I know whats up, its night time, I have no idea where the hours are rushing to. I have spent practically all day editing this post, tending to my two month old baby and my two year old toddler. My baby is sleeping now so I thought I quickly write up this edit and publish this outfit post. The hubby gets back tomorrow so hopefully it gets better. As I type, my toddler just emptied her bag of toys in the living room making such loud noise, its a miracle it didn’t wake up the baby.  Continue reading How to Style Oversized Jumper for Winter Season

Easy and Effortless way to Wear Black for Fall/Autumn

Hello everyone, my name is Nelo and I love Black! I am not fighting it anymore, I have accepted it and now that I have put on some weight, I love Black even more. I love how it has this magical powers to hide your frumps and all and make you look thinner. I have always liked black ever since I can remember, I remember my then bff in school asking me why I loved wearing black so much, I didn’t even realize that black was a cool colour in fashion and a fave of most style icons, I didn’t realize I was in good company hehe. I try sometimes to consciously wear colour and I go for white ( another colour I love with all my heart). I could wear black and white all the days of my life and be cool. Continue reading Easy and Effortless way to Wear Black for Fall/Autumn

The Boyfriend/Husband Blazer

 Hey guys! What’s good? I feel so badass in this outfit, so rock chic. I love the pop of colour the earrings gave the whole look, those Zara earrings are my best accessories purchase yet. Now let’s move on to the blazer, Let me tell you guys about this blazer, it was thrifted and you won’t believe how much I snagged it for haha! I can’t believe it myself either.  Continue reading The Boyfriend/Husband Blazer

Hear Me Roar

 The worst thing that can happen to a blogger is to have their laptop pack up on them, that is currently my fate right now, the keyboard suddenly started acting crazy, you would type in A and get Z. It is so frustrating, I have sent it off to the repairer, they say water got in to it, I have no idea how that came to be. I suspect my daughter though, lol.   Anywho back to post related news, how many of you knew about the Heidi Klum Aldi collab? Did you get anything? What did you think of the collaboration? I did see a lot of leopard prints and sequins but didn’t cop any of that, I however got these boots I’m wearing here. A purchase I am not so crazy about, after just one wear, the boots have widened out looking like some cheap ass boots. I can’t remember how much I paid for them again, I think about £30? I am honestly not sure but I know it’s within that range , honestly guys, mom’s brain is a thing! I am not happy with this Boots because I know that at that price, I could get me a decent and expensive looking pair from HM or Public Desire. I digress here but I NEED a red boot ASAP. That is my Autumn absolute must have. What’s yours?

 It’s a repeat offender with this coat and that for me is the beauty of fashion and the mark of a good bargain, the ability to wear an item of clothing many times in several ways. I was sceptical about the PVC trend, I loved it but I thought it was a bit tricky, I am a grown woman and I love to dress like one , I like the way it came out here though, with the coat and Tee. What do you think of this trend for Fall? Do you love it? Or is it a pass? Let me know in the comment box below. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week xx. 

Tee – HM , Skirt – Primark, Jacket- Newlook

Autumn Yellow 

Hi everyone, sorry this post is coming a bit late but honestly life has been happening , the days have been hectic and the nights have been sleepless thanks to a seven weeks old baby that sleeps during the day  and wants to play and cuddle and suckle at night. My two year old fell ill so had to take her to A and E and you guys, that’s a whole day affair especially on a weekend.

I am not sure I already told you guys but I started a part time programme in Child care so a lot on my hands right now but blogging is and has always been a passion of mine, it’s my happy place, a reminder of my individuality and not just my role as wife and mom so I will be here week in, week out, I ain’t going nowhere. Continue reading Autumn Yellow 

Nailing the Oversized Men’s Blazer Trend

 The Blazer is back lovelies and I ain’t mad. I am so loving this trend, it’s so easy to style , very classic, very grown up, very bossy and so right up my alley. I have worn this lovely checkered one from Hm on an all black pant and tee, but honestly it can be worn in so many other ways, with blue denim, dressed up with heels as I have done here or dressed down with sneaks or loafers. It’s also great for a night out thrown over a sexy slip dress and when it gets colder, could be worn over a thick jumper.

I absolutely love this trend and if you are with me and looking to get yourself one , I would advise to make sure to go a size or two above your usual size, the more oversized and boxy, the better.  Feel free to browse through the men’s section and yes don’t forget the thrift store, I picked up one bomb ass one from there last week and honestly can’t wait to style it on here.

Blazer – HM here, this one here is equally gorge – HM here  , and this lovely lovely one from Asos here,


Im Back… Postpartum Weight Struggles

 Hello everyone! What’s good ? Oh my gosh, I have been gone for so long and I am so so sorry, in my defence, I have gone and had a baby, a gorgeous baby girl. It’s been lots of sleepless nights and hassle full days with my toddler, we are going through that famous terrible T stage and so everything is a battle of wills, im screaming my head off, I am begging, I am tired, I am cranky and as we all know, there is no rest or break from this job. Continue reading Im Back… Postpartum Weight Struggles

Bump Style 21 – Camo Bumping

Hi everyone, we made it with a post this week yay! Lol. Thanks to this new nude lip gloss from NYX that’s got me in the mood to truss up a bit and attempt to ‘prettify’ my face a bit. I wanted to see what the gloss looked like on me and before I knew what’s up, I had my camera out and had my face beat. Since the face was beat, I figured I might as well dress up as well and take some pics for the blog.  Continue reading Bump Style 21 – Camo Bumping