Naomi Campbell on Racism in Fashion


“Are you essentially accusing the industry that you have done very well in of racism?” asked the white interviewer “really” surprised. Just because one model is top shot doesn’t justify or rationalize having a sprinkle of black models on the runway seasons after seasons. I am very excited with this campaign. I can only imagine how tough and frustrating it must be as a black model in Fashion.

Some people have argued that if we have more black top designers, this would help, we pray for this to happen so fast also but it is not happening yet and we do have black models and they do need the job besides I wouldn’t think it fair for a black top designer to use only black models that would be racist and that is exactly Naomi’s point. It might not even be obvious to the designers and casting crew but then as with everything subconsciously abnormal someone needs to call attention to it. Its not about the few models who have been able to get a breakthrough because some years, some designers are looking for a certain look for their show, it should be about balance, making sure that eash fashion season, everyone, black, white, Asian, red all get a chance. Well said Naomi and kudos to the Diversity team because already I see changes and increased participation of models of colors on spring 2014 runways.

I also wondered at how the interview went from diversity and the lack of it to all that personal talk first on the Charles Taylor incident and then that stupidest talk ever about positive anger and negative anger clearly alluding to Naomi’s anger issues,  he must think Naomi dumb to go with that flow. Of course I loved how home girl (permit me to famz) shut him down.

I have never lived outside this country so I am not familiar with racism. I have Blacks like me around me all the time but from watching this interview, I could glean a bit of the frustration Blacks must feel in their society. Now because of the press the Diversity in Fashion campaign is getting as a result of the personalities championing the cause, Channel 4 is interviewing Naomi Campbell and and the white interviewer starts with that opening question asterisked above. Even in the face of all that stark figures before him from last year runway shows – a whooping 82% white, 6% black and 12% Asian, he thinks it ridiculous and unfair to refer to the fashion industry as racist simply because Naomi a single black woman has excelled in same industry.

I can just imagine a black guy who gets harassed unnecessarily by the force just because of his skin color, or doesn’t get the leadership position he so clearly deserves ahead of some under-qualified white dude complain of racism and some white dude go “How can you say we are a racist country? We voted in Obama and he is black after all. Its not about those one off success stories, it should be about every other aspect of life, of living, of equality and color blindness.

Anyway what do you think? Do you think I am overreacting?

Extra long ground sweeping pants, is that a fad now?

“Dear Genevieve,never ever ever wear your jumpsuits,trousers this long again.The length is way too long and has taken the shine off this lovely jumpsuit. We already have Operation “Keep Lagos Clean” and I’m not quite sure it is one of your secret ambitions to join the squad” – Emmy Collins.

I was on Emmy Collins blog the other day ((by the way you guys should check out his blog – here) and read the comment above and this got me thinking. You know how some things happen too often and next thing you know we are accepting it as a norm. Really guys is this a trend? Is long , ground sweeping flared pants the new fad ? Interestingly Genevieve is not alone on this train as I have seen quite a couple of celebs jump on this wagon . E.g Solange Knowles below. Continue reading Extra long ground sweeping pants, is that a fad now?

What I wore – Oleku


In all honesty, I never intended for my Oleku to be this short. This is all my tailor’s fault. I mean this is a good three yards of material and my tailor could barely whip out a good wrapper out of it. I didn’t realize until my sister pointed it out to me that my tailor is completely wasteful with materials, you go to his workshop and half of your material is lying in his bin as waste. This is very disheartening to me as I dislike waste of any sort but then (sad face) its so hard to find a good and affordable tailor and so I am staying put.IMG_0841

Another confession, this is the very first time in my fashionista fashionati fashion conscious adult life I am tying a wrapper of any sort so I do hope I fared well. I didnt bother with gele, I am totally hopeless with that, I couldn’t tie a good gele even if there was  a million dollar bet placed on it. I just cant and I blame my mother and sister for this, growing up, my every attempt at tying the gele only gets them bursting into laughter after which they advise me , for my own good not to walk out the door in whatever it is I got on my head …sigh… . You do get the general picture now I hope? Continue reading What I wore – Oleku

Street style inspiration NYFW – Two piece pants


I so loved Miroslava Duma in her  two piece pants, I just had to dedicate a post to it. Perfect execution. I will be posting more street style inspiration as I come across them., do stay tuned.

What I Wore – Y. O. L. O


I saw this Tees for the first time on BBM when a friend uploaded the pix up on his DP. My eyes popped, the slogan totally got me. I mean, ever since Drake popularized this slogan I live for it. Somethings I would hesitate to do normally , I only have to think of how YOLO and BOOM, I take the plunge. Honestly, if it were just for the aesthetics of this Tee, I wont have purchased it as I am not exactly crazy about the fit, I think is runs a bit small for my size but Hey, its a YOLO tee, I had to absolutely have it and make it work somehow. Lol!

Encryption Tees have been with us in fashion for a while now and honestly, I dont think they going anywhere soon at least not as long as brands keep coming up  with slogans that resonates with our sensibilities. Do you love yourself a slogan Tee? Would you really buy a Tee or shirt just for what’s written across it like I did or  is the design and style first and encryption secondary?IMG_0764 Continue reading What I Wore – Y. O. L. O

What I wore – The long ass black Skirt


Honestly In my head, Bohemian hairdo = fashionista (I think the same thing of the turban look too) . I love the  eccentricity it adds to an outfit, it makes me feel like I can wear anything and get away with it. Like I could decide to mix prints or wear a  bustier bodysuit with a long ass black skirt and get away with it.

I got this skirt at a very ridiculously cheap price, it was just another long ass black skirt lost in the midst of many, seriously who wears such long skirts these days anyways? Well unless you are a CU student, lol! (my Naija people get the joke). I spotted the skirt and automatically fell in love with the high waist, upon further inspection, I discovered it was Givenchy too, trust I was absolutely SOLD! Ofcourse, I kept a straight face, priced the skirt, paid the pittance and walked away with a huge huge grin on my face, I mean its not everyday one stumbles upon a Givenchy find while thrifting.IMG_0745IMG_0740

Top – Asos bodysuit, Skirt – Givenchy, Pumps – HM

What I wore – Bermuda Shorts


This is the second time ever I am wearing this shorts since I got them last year, I have got lots of clothes like this in my wardrobe therefore I have compelled myself to shop my closet more this month instead of fixating on buying new stuff. In that vein, I dug this bermuda shorts out of my closet. What attracted me to the shorts initially was the prints, loved it on first sight, got it during one my thrifting bouts last year. I decided to go risque by pairing it with stripes, this combination got my sister rolling her eyes once again but atleast this time she thought it was cool. Yay! What do you think guys? Is it a yay? or ?IMG_0730 Continue reading What I wore – Bermuda Shorts

Jewelbylisa Autumn/winter 2013


The prints are stunning and as usual very tailored. The colors are predominantly dark – dark green, blue, black  with bust of red prints. The hems featured lots of cut outs, noone does prints like JBL and this is very evident in the different print mix. It was simply brilliant, nothing too clashy or match, just the right blend. Leather was also mixed with prints giving the collection a very edgy vibe.

I can imagine the lady in these outfits, she is stylish, quirky, loves fashion, loves to look chic without coming off as trying too hard. She is effortlessly chic well think Solange Knowles , I mean check out the drop waist dress above with the cut out- super super cute. Or the shorts with the side ruffle, how cool can you get in that? The two piece outfits can be worn together or individually. Its brilliant and hopefully very soon I would own my very first JBL item. I believe! Now over to you, What do you think? Are you feeling this collection too?JBL Continue reading Jewelbylisa Autumn/winter 2013

What I wore – Drop waist dress


I am really starting to enjoy making my own dress, I mean its really cheap, living in Nigeria, where you do not have access to high streets brands,  to stalk items till they go on sale and purchase and retailers who buy high street brands are ever so expensive and more than not stock same last season items, your best bet is to find yourself a good tailor, hit the market, purchase your fabric and create your own styles. This way you can be stylishly trendy without looking like the next girl or breaking your bank account. Its really working for me, I tell you.IMG_0714 Continue reading What I wore – Drop waist dress

Outfit Inspiration – Black, Gold, Silver, Pink and Heels

Black, Gold Silver, Pink and Heels
Its the weekend again, do you have weddings, parties to attend? Get inspired by these looks I put together . I initially set out to do one look out of boredom but I loved all three of those skirts and decided to feature all three of them together. You love the styling?

Green shirt
$26 –

Vince Camuto blue blouse

Zoë Jordan gold sequin shirt
$580 –

Parisian flower skirt
$23 –

Heeled sandals
$1,590 –

Tory Burch metallic handbag
$440 –

14k diamond ring

Triangle ring
$465 –

Versace logo jewelry