What I wore – Linen Jogging pants


As I type this right now, I am in serious physical pain. I think I must have sprained my Femur bone,  the bone where the thigh meets the hip joints during a work out. Actually after I saw my bulging tummy ala the purple dress here. I decided to do something about it and so I hit YouTube for abs firming and muffins burning exercise routine. While at it, I stumbled upon this thigh firming routine and I figured I should add it to my workout regimen also. Continue reading What I wore – Linen Jogging pants

Pictures from the Sideview Magazine 5th Anniversary Celebratory dinner


Last week Friday after work, I had the pleasure of attending the Side view magazine celebratory dinner at Bistro 7 with the editor and team at sideview magazine. Aside from the usual African time issue, the event was slated to start at 5.30 pm but didn’t kick off till 8.30 pm, It was a very cool and cozy event with lots of food, drinks, entertainment and beautiful people around.  and as usual, I decided to take shots of lovely people at the event. As we all know “Lagosians” are the best dressed people in the world, you don’t believe me? Ask Google (boldfaced).

I didn’t get much pictures though, I forgot to charge my battery and my camera gave up after a few shots. I didn’t brood much, I simply packed up the camera and attacked the food. Continue reading Pictures from the Sideview Magazine 5th Anniversary Celebratory dinner

What I wore – Shades of Green


Hi guys, hope you are cool, Its another week already, Can you believe that November is almost ended and December is just a few days away? This year really flew by. I am just so grateful to God for his mercies so far and by his grace, he will see us through the remainder month and into the new year (cant believe I just said the new year, sounds really surreal, 2013 was just yesterday now).

Usually as the year draws to an end, its a time of sober reflections for me, was I able to achieve my set goals for the year? How well did I fare with my resolutions? Continue reading What I wore – Shades of Green

What I wore – Purple Jumpsuit


Oh yes I did! I swept Lagos clean with my pants. Seriously I don’t think this jumpsuit would look half as nice with the length shortened though I would wear with a longer heeled shoe next time. I was too obsessed with matching the gold captoe of the shoes to my accessories to think of functionality. Anyway thankfully I went from Cab to the venue of the wedding reception, venue to cab and cab to home, so No I didn’t sweep Lagos clean yet. This question of functionality over aesthetics brings to mind a conversation I had with my sister this morning.

She had a wedding to attend and after we had set out what she was going to wear to stun the hell at that wedding yesterday, I left her and went off to a beach party. I came home only to find that she ditched the shoes – a multicolored sequinned shoe I picked specifically to create the wow factor for her chosen outfit – a black jumpsuit, for a plain black shoe she claimed was functional aka very comfortable. I was mad ofcourse, she had ruined everything, lol.

When it boils down to choice, aesthetics vs functionality, what do you go for? I am sure you already know my answer. Continue reading What I wore – Purple Jumpsuit

Forest Green


I broke down on my resolve not to buy anything new till the end of the year with this lovely forest green shift dress. Seriously who wouldn’t? And at the rate I got, I would be an obvious fool to let it go. It was an absolute steal.  I spied the beauty along Obalende way on my way home  from an interview for a Job I didn’t get eventually anyway this beauty was hanging in one of those makeshift roadside secondhand shops, my trained eye instantly saw this beauty for what its worth. Continue reading Forest Green

Who wore the Burberry SS2013 metallic trench coat better? Beyonce VS Nkiru Anumudu


If you have never heard of Eclectic and terrifically fashionable Nkiru Anumudu, then you are probably living under a very unfashionable cage, sorry :D. When it comes to fashion, Nkiru doesn’t hold back , infact, she has been referred to as the Anna Dello Russo of Nigerian fashion , always outfitted in high end designers styled rather quirky. She was recently spotted at the 2013 Aquafina Elite Model Look Nigeria Finale in Lagos in the Purple version of the Burberry SS2013 metallic trench coat  which she styled in her usual eye catching fashion with a pair of Burgundy pumps and pink shoe fascinator. Beyonce aka Queen Bey needs no introduction obviously. She was also recently spotted in the same trenchcoat in burgundy, she finished up hers with a pair of silver pump, dark lips and blonde flowing hair.

My vote goes to Beyonce, Nkiru has so much going on with the coat. The metallic sheen of the coat ensures the coats gets all the attention and therefore need very little or minimal styling. Who has got your vote here, who wore it best? Pray tell.

Image credit – BellaNaija, Fashionbombdaily.com

Ankara Inspired

Gorgeous and so giving me ideas right now. I love the originality of her style.

I just want her hat!

Image source – http://canneverbeaskinnybish.com/

What I wore – Kente pant Suit


A quick post on what I wore to work yesterday. I couldnt sleep and after wasting two hours of my time watching these ridiculous movie starring the beautiful Jackie Appiah, sigh… I sincerely give up on African movie, its not like they don’t have good story lines, its just that somewhere along the line, they lost the plot and then proceed to end the story as they deem  fit so that at the end of the movie, one is left confused, disappointed and angry , very angry because once again you have wasted two irredeemable hours on something so mediocre and ill thought out. Continue reading What I wore – Kente pant Suit

What I wore – Denim and Lace


These days I feel like I have got nothing to wear anymore which is not funny because I have got a wardrobe full of clothes. I know what my problem is though, Its the fact that I haven’t bought any new clothes or shoes , jeweleries, sunglasses anything at all in the last two months, I am discounting things I bought for my trad wedding ofcourse. I wore this out on Sunday, the whole look was built around the lace top. I love how its off the shoulder and sheer, paired it with the high waist pants for a casual Sunday afternoon look. Continue reading What I wore – Denim and Lace

Style Spotlight – Kim Kardashian post North West

Kim Kardashian

Yaay! Kim is back and banging hot! Is it just me or is Kim’s style post North West ticking all the right boxes? What I love most is how she is full on the boobs, very curvy and petite and yet slays all these looks. She is glowing! All those nine months of dressing for two is finally over and I feel she is boldly saying to the critics. Check me out now and run your mouths. Ofcourse now the attention is on her face and how its somewhat altered. Sigh… people will always talk sha. I dont even see what they are about on her face. She is beautiful biko. End of story!

Kim is showing how to dress the curvy body, who knew full boobs could come out so beautifully in clothes, these fashion people were almost convincing us designers only design for the rail thin no boobs girls. Thank you Kim! You guys still wondering why this girl is popular?

Seriously if this Kanye’s work, then maybe just maybe, he is indeed who he says he is 😀 and just maybe we all need to also look inwards too and seek some good fashion advice from our partners, whatchu think? huh? Coz Kim has never looked so good. She is taking fashion risk and totally slaying, she looks so freakum good she deserved a style post.  Soooo I ask again, Is it just me, who is and has always been a Kimye fan or is her post baby style the “chicznit”?

By the way, Kim should totally do an underwear line for the bosomed chic coz she sure knows how to pack them.  Continue reading Style Spotlight – Kim Kardashian post North West