Jewelbylisa Autumn/winter 2013


The prints are stunning and as usual very tailored. The colors are predominantly dark – dark green, blue, black  with bust of red prints. The hems featured lots of cut outs, noone does prints like JBL and this is very evident in the different print mix. It was simply brilliant, nothing too clashy or match, just the right blend. Leather was also mixed with prints giving the collection a very edgy vibe.

I can imagine the lady in these outfits, she is stylish, quirky, loves fashion, loves to look chic without coming off as trying too hard. She is effortlessly chic well think Solange Knowles , I mean check out the drop waist dress above with the cut out- super super cute. Or the shorts with the side ruffle, how cool can you get in that? The two piece outfits can be worn together or individually. Its brilliant and hopefully very soon I would own my very first JBL item. I believe! Now over to you, What do you think? Are you feeling this collection too?JBL Continue reading Jewelbylisa Autumn/winter 2013

What I wore – Drop waist dress


I am really starting to enjoy making my own dress, I mean its really cheap, living in Nigeria, where you do not have access to high streets brands,  to stalk items till they go on sale and purchase and retailers who buy high street brands are ever so expensive and more than not stock same last season items, your best bet is to find yourself a good tailor, hit the market, purchase your fabric and create your own styles. This way you can be stylishly trendy without looking like the next girl or breaking your bank account. Its really working for me, I tell you.IMG_0714 Continue reading What I wore – Drop waist dress

Outfit Inspiration – Black, Gold, Silver, Pink and Heels

Black, Gold Silver, Pink and Heels
Its the weekend again, do you have weddings, parties to attend? Get inspired by these looks I put together . I initially set out to do one look out of boredom but I loved all three of those skirts and decided to feature all three of them together. You love the styling?

Green shirt
$26 –

Vince Camuto blue blouse

Zoë Jordan gold sequin shirt
$580 –

Parisian flower skirt
$23 –

Heeled sandals
$1,590 –

Tory Burch metallic handbag
$440 –

14k diamond ring

Triangle ring
$465 –

Versace logo jewelry

What I wore – Asymmetrical Pencil Skirt

IMG_0659How come people see me and go how I have lost weight and yet this does not reflect in my clothes? I mean the clothes are still as huggy as ever. Going by the “you have lost weight” I have gotten recently, my pants ought to be baggy by now and skirts and dresses needing a retouch, unfortunately this is not the case, the dresses still fit like glove yet I seem to be loosing weight according to peeps. Something is definitely wrong somewhere! Lol, do you guys go through this whole “you have lost weight saga” yet no show for the body . Made the skirt I am wearing, I was really drawn to the prints, paired it with the black top to play up the prints and Gold metallic sandal to avoid going too dark. Continue reading What I wore – Asymmetrical Pencil Skirt

What I wore – Orange shirt dress

IMG_0162I am getting bolder by the day oo. I see a lil tummy peeking out. Lol! Last time i showed off any kind of skin was in my uni days. In my Uni days, if it doesn’t show skin, I aint wearing it. I have outgrown all that now or so I thought, damn look what Fashion done to me, Its got me wanting so bad to do a short and crop top combo but who am I kidding, my abs are so not ready. I have been procrastinating on joining a gym.  IMG_0160

On another note, do you have lip color you like on others but never on you? Thats my situation with the pink lip color above. I just hate that deep pink color everytime I wear it, I feel like it ages me, like it doesn’t sit well with my skin color. I gave it a try again today and cleaned it up again immediately after the shoot. What do you think? Is it nice or is it just in my head? Continue reading What I wore – Orange shirt dress

Outfit inspiration – The Mustard dress

Outfit inspiration - Mustard dress

This post was inspired by the mustard dress. I love this colour so much right about now. Its very bright and cheery and doesn’t need too much color as it already is a statement on its own. The royal blue clutch contrasts perfectly against the bright plum. You could wear this outfit to a wedding, movie premiere and stay classy. This is my very first Polyvore post. I think I found a new past time :D. What do you think of my selection?



What I wore – The white blazer


Isn’t the bicycle pose just so like the street style images captured during fashion week? Again I spied the bicycle and I just had to have a shot with it. I only wish I could ride, then maybe I woulda also taken a spin in them.

Now this post  shoulda been captioned “Ode to the white blazer”. Remember how I wanted a white blazer so much I even did a post on it here. I found the perfect one guys and I got it at a steal. Let me rephrase, the white blazer found me. I am a believer guys, you attract what you think of kapish! The other day I decided to go thrift shopping, I was convinced my wardrobe needed a revamp and as a chic on a budget, I know where to hit when the rut sets in and I aint got that much cash to spare . So I braced the early morning rain on this fateful day , now the trick of thrifting or second hand shopping that I will share with you all is that you have to be there and done with your shopping latest by 9am. If you get there anything later than 9am, honey you wont find anything worthy.IMG_0127

Continue reading What I wore – The white blazer

Monday Style Inspiration- Ezinne Chinkata

Mondays arent exactly the best day of the week, generally noone really looks forward to it, I know I dont. The weekend is too short and We all need to come together to agree  that there need be a day after Sunday, just before Monday. I bet just thinking about the workload the new week is enough to throw even the best of us into some sort of fashion rut . To make things easier, I have decided that we need Monday inspiration to help us with our wardrobe for the week, we all know I hope? for I can almost swear by it that Fashion has the magic wand to lift our spirit, just think of  that boost of confidence you get when you know you are looking good or that smile that comes to your face when you get a compliment or even the urge you have to step out when you have just the right outfit for the day? For this section, we will be bringing people with real style who have not failed time after time to stun us with their sartorial style choices.

Because I have been obsessing over Ezinne’s style for a while now and have been collecting her pictures where and when I can, I figure we might as well start with her. She is an A list fashion stylist having worked with celebrities such as Genevieve Nnaji, Monalisa Chinda to mention but a few, Oh and she was also one of the stylist behind the just concluded 2013 Miss Nigeria pageant,

She is currently fashion editor at Genevieve magazine after so many months at Wow Magazine where she shunned out powerful editorials after editorials. Anyway without so much ado, guys I present Ezinne Chinkata to you. So what do you think? Are you Inspired yet?

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What I wore – The Midi Skirt


It wasnt too long ago that fashion and fashionistas were all over the midi skirt trend, I suppose we have since moved to other things. I got this skirt during one of my thrift ventures last year, this is the second time I am wearing it. I loved the high waist of the skirt, I didnt even think twice when I saw it, I snapped it up immediately. I cant say how much thrifting has been good to me, how else can I get unique pieces at ridiculous prices. For this look I was going going for an “all black errthang” Lol! But as usual, I had to break it with some other color. The cap was thrown in for that X factor.IMG_0107 Continue reading What I wore – The Midi Skirt

What I wore – Peplum prints


Inspired by Nancie of take on peplum in one of her post, I whipped out my peplum ankara top, paired with my oxblood pants and wore them to work. I think that top is very versatile, I will definitely be pairing it with a pair of boyfriend jeans when i do get one, a red pencil skirt and on and on. Can we really ever get over the peplum style? I dont think so, I mean the day you wear a peplum top, you dont have to bother with your tummy, whether its bulging or not, the quantity of food you eat and all, it covers everything. It gives you an extra curve if you are pretty straight, tones you down by defining your waist line if you are pretty thick too. The peplum is a win win situation whichever way you choose to look at it. I added the leopard prints for that extra cool factor.IMG_0095

Asides- I left my shades at home this day, I took the pictures after work at which point my eyes were already tired out from staring at the system for over 8hrs, so excuse the tired look.  Continue reading What I wore – Peplum prints