Happy Birthday to Me

DSC_0232Henry, Dhebbie and myself

I got so much Love today I am absolutely grateful. I said it on my facebook page before and on my BBM too. I am absolutely thankful for all the love shown me. I am totally overwhelmed and absolutely embarrased by all the love. As you can tell from the pictures, it was a fun day. I barely managed to get anything done in the office but hey, its allowed  only for Today. I am the birthday girl afterall! 😀DSC_0484On days like this, one is tempted to think one’s life and see all that all that one is yet to achieve, while this is also good as growth is absolutely necessary in life, birthdays are also time to take in all that we already have and be thankful! DSC_0488 Continue reading Happy Birthday to Me

What I wore- Animal Prints


Hi guys, hope you are all having a cool Sunday  Mine is all work sadly. You know its all cool to match your animal prints too yeah? I have had the snake print leggings for a while now, guys just don’t seem to get it. Lol! The Obsidian top was bought on sale at L’Espace during their December party for N3500. It had large wide hands when I got them, my sister thought they were ugly but I knew they had potentials plus I mean, the fabric is lace duhh! So anyway I got a tailor to slim the sleeves and sides, wore it backwards as the low cut was originally intended for the back and voila, my sis didnt recognize the top anymore, she actually now likes it. Beat that huh?

I have been carrying this bag all week, I am always lazy with changing bags, you know how you have to move everything, make up bag, shades, wallet and all from one bag to the other, I am always in too much of a hurry for that but if its absolutely necessary, ofcourse then I have to. In this case after dressing up, the bag just seemed natural to the get up. It sort of brightened the outfit I think. What do you think? Would you be mixing your animal prints??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Continue reading What I wore- Animal Prints



So last week the boo came around and gave me the ring. I am trying to say I just got engaged. I am excited to embark on this journey, super excited because of the man involved. I prayed to God for someone like him and he is blessed me with one. What can I say? God answers prayers, never doubt that. I am a very personal person so this is big sharing for me.
IMG-20130207-00896DSC02347We traveled to his Villa to meet his parents and this was what i wore below, I wanted a look that says Chic and decent! It worked! They loved me and I loved them too. DSC02379DSC02381But before changing to the outfit above, I wore the outfit below, I was going for Airport chic in that, hehe. Yay or Nay?DSC02374IMG-20130214-00906

Have a happy Sunday all! Thanks for visiting the blog always.