Boyfriend Coat

img_5571Whats up guys, who missed me? I didn’t post much last week but that’s def not going to be the case this week so make sure to follow the blog or keep checking back , I had such a dramatic week last week, I will show you in my upcoming vlog, lets just say I have been officially welcomed to London. Subscribe to my channel here so you don’t miss out on the gist. Continue reading Boyfriend Coat

What I Wore … All Shades of Blue

img_5626Whats up people! Obviously the temperature has dropped even more this week and the chill has caught on but hey we are still better off than some other European countries e.g the Scandiis where it has already started snowing, my friends over there at Finland keep posting videos of the snow and I am like eiish, I mean last week I still dared wore shorts here, although I quickly popped on tights immediately after these shots. Continue reading What I Wore … All Shades of Blue

Styling the Track Pants

img_5387Hi guys, welcome to the new week, hope you had a fab weekend, I did, nothing major just some lovely and quality   time with the fam, we went shopping , dined and just chilled at home, I have a vlog coming soon so make sure to subscribe my youtube channel hereContinue reading Styling the Track Pants

Autumn Style Series- How to Wear the Floral Dress

img_5114I have been going through the AW 16 runway archive over at vogue and I have noticed something interesting about the styling this season, I find that there is a juxtaposition of the girly girl with the tough baddie girl. Lovely floral dresses were styled with chunky boots, menswear shirt with midi skirt, leather and lace, a mix of hard and soft and I am so down with this, it blends so well with my personal aesthetics, not too girly, not too hardcore, a medium place and thats what I did with this floral ruffled maxi dress from HM, I styled it with the chunkiest boots I own incidentally also from HM and this boyish coat from ahem, HM also. Lol! Continue reading Autumn Style Series- How to Wear the Floral Dress