Hear Me Roar

 The worst thing that can happen to a blogger is to have their laptop pack up on them, that is currently my fate right now, the keyboard suddenly started acting crazy, you would type in A and get Z. It is so frustrating, I have sent it off to the repairer, they say water got in to it, I have no idea how that came to be. I suspect my daughter though, lol.   Anywho back to post related news, how many of you knew about the Heidi Klum Aldi collab? Did you get anything? What did you think of the collaboration? I did see a lot of leopard prints and sequins but didn’t cop any of that, I however got these boots I’m wearing here. A purchase I am not so crazy about, after just one wear, the boots have widened out looking like some cheap ass boots. I can’t remember how much I paid for them again, I think about £30? I am honestly not sure but I know it’s within that range , honestly guys, mom’s brain is a thing! I am not happy with this Boots because I know that at that price, I could get me a decent and expensive looking pair from HM or Public Desire. I digress here but I NEED a red boot ASAP. That is my Autumn absolute must have. What’s yours?

 It’s a repeat offender with this coat and that for me is the beauty of fashion and the mark of a good bargain, the ability to wear an item of clothing many times in several ways. I was sceptical about the PVC trend, I loved it but I thought it was a bit tricky, I am a grown woman and I love to dress like one , I like the way it came out here though, with the coat and Tee. What do you think of this trend for Fall? Do you love it? Or is it a pass? Let me know in the comment box below. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week xx. 

Tee – HM , Skirt – Primark, Jacket- Newlook

My Favourite Way to Wear Camel

img_5786 My Fave way to style camel will always be with black, like seriously the two combo always gets me, always popping. I thrifted this belted jacket last year and wore it here with black again. I love how the lacy tights brings some softness to the leather and wool mix. What do you think of this look guys? Continue reading My Favourite Way to Wear Camel

Boyfriend Coat

img_5571Whats up guys, who missed me? I didn’t post much last week but that’s def not going to be the case this week so make sure to follow the blog or keep checking back , I had such a dramatic week last week, I will show you in my upcoming vlog, lets just say I have been officially welcomed to London. Subscribe to my channel here so you don’t miss out on the gist. Continue reading Boyfriend Coat

What We Wore …Slaying in Fur with my Boothang

img_1909 Hey guys! Hope you all had a great weekend? I have been on the hunt for a faux fur coat for my little boo for a while and I was convinced that I would only find it when I get to HM or Next and those shops aren’t close to me. The other day however I was in town and had time to spare so I was like let me check out Primark and see what they got, I was pleasantly surprised to find this cream fur coat and you know Primark is always so affordable, I snapped it up without blinking along with the cream dress.  Continue reading What We Wore …Slaying in Fur with my Boothang

What I Wore … Oversized Jumper x Mesh Maxi Skirt

img_5705 Let me tell you guys about these shots, hopefully then you will understand and excuse the quality of the photos, so I was on my way to the town center, I was going to take the outfit shots myself like I always did but then it was so windy and I was scared that if I set up the tripod  to take the pictures, the force of the wind might crash the tripod and smash my camera along, I  would literally die if that happened, no kidding. Continue reading What I Wore … Oversized Jumper x Mesh Maxi Skirt

What I Wore … All Shades of Blue

img_5626Whats up people! Obviously the temperature has dropped even more this week and the chill has caught on but hey we are still better off than some other European countries e.g the Scandiis where it has already started snowing, my friends over there at Finland keep posting videos of the snow and I am like eiish, I mean last week I still dared wore shorts here, although I quickly popped on tights immediately after these shots. Continue reading What I Wore … All Shades of Blue

Autumn Outfit Inspiration … Dipped In Gold Mettalics

img_5539Hi everyone, what’s good? Yesterday was a very good one for me, I last minute hit up my girl Steph of Metrogypsie.org, you guys should totally hit her up, she is awesome, with an amazing style. I digress though, so I last minute hit her up to meet up in the city, scout some nice locations and take some pics for the blog, she was good sport, she was equally excited about the venture, I tell you guys especially in this blogging world of ours, there is nothing like when you find someone who is as into it as you are, willing the brace the poking eyes and take the pics anyway and enjoy every moment of it with you. Continue reading Autumn Outfit Inspiration … Dipped In Gold Mettalics

Autumn Style – Retro Chic

img_5466Hey guys, welcome to November , Wow! Very soon it will be Xmas,  then the New Year, this year is just gone too quick for  me ahn ahn!  I say this word a lot and now my little girl has started saying it, it’s crazy the influence we as parents have on these kids you know, its just ahmazing.  Continue reading Autumn Style – Retro Chic

Autumn Style – Prints on Prints on Prints Partyy

img_0068Hi guys! How you all doing, getting ready for November? Phew! This year is gone already.  On Friday my blogger mate Steph and I hit the Patricia Bright Pop up event where we got to spend time with the lovely, energetic, goal getting ,  hardworking, youtube guru Patricia Bright, it was such a lit event, lots of beautiful people and positive energy, It was such a fun day, I will just let the images and Video below do the talking though.

Dress – HM, Faux Fur coat – Missguided.co.uk, Boots – HM Continue reading Autumn Style – Prints on Prints on Prints Partyy

Fallin for Fringe

img_5441Hello lovelies, so first of all, I cant believe its Thursday already, like seriously? Where are these days running to? Who is in this race with them? Mehn I just cant! Look at me talking about how I have all these posts and shii for you guys this week and the week is already gone and I have managed just one, sighs.   Continue reading Fallin for Fringe