Styling the Track Pants

img_5387Hi guys, welcome to the new week, hope you had a fab weekend, I did, nothing major just some lovely and quality   time with the fam, we went shopping , dined and just chilled at home, I have a vlog coming soon so make sure to subscribe my youtube channel hereContinue reading Styling the Track Pants

Tassel Knit Wrap Dress

img_5360Hi guys, so I finally overcame my insecurities, shut that naysaying voice in my head down and finally took my camera and tripod outside of my home to take some outfit photo for the blog. I did it for the first time last week with the floral dress fit and I was surprised at how easy it was, I was beating myself up asking me why it took me so long to start doing this? Continue reading Tassel Knit Wrap Dress

Autumn Style – Grey Tones

img_5185 Oh well, I suppose by now you guys already know I am obsessed with these white boots, I swear I plan my outfits around them, I wanna wear them everyday , with everything I can be quite like that, my mum used to call me “Aluta agboho, achupu agadi” which translates “marry a new  wife and forget the old ones” lol, because I would buy a new thing especially bags or shoes and wont stop wearing them, I would completely abandon the others, you would think that was the only shoe or bag I owned till I got bored. Continue reading Autumn Style – Grey Tones

Autumn Style Series – Ruffles and Denims

img_2181Hello lovelies, how have you been? On Saturday I got a ticket to attend the Stylist Live event, courtesy the the lovely and eclectic Stephanie of the blog  – She is such a lovely soul. We had loads of fun, the highlight however was the trend show, omg, the styling literally blew my mind, I would post that on my channel, there is a vlog coming soon aii, so make sure to subscribe here Continue reading Autumn Style Series – Ruffles and Denims

Autumn Style Series- How to Wear the Floral Dress

img_5114I have been going through the AW 16 runway archive over at vogue and I have noticed something interesting about the styling this season, I find that there is a juxtaposition of the girly girl with the tough baddie girl. Lovely floral dresses were styled with chunky boots, menswear shirt with midi skirt, leather and lace, a mix of hard and soft and I am so down with this, it blends so well with my personal aesthetics, not too girly, not too hardcore, a medium place and thats what I did with this floral ruffled maxi dress from HM, I styled it with the chunkiest boots I own incidentally also from HM and this boyish coat from ahem, HM also. Lol! Continue reading Autumn Style Series- How to Wear the Floral Dress

Autumn Style – Suede x Leather x Red

img_5032Hi everyone, how is your week, cant believe its Thursday already, this year is on a race with itself, it just keeps skipping by, its literally faster than Usain Bolt, Whaa? I mean its October already, next thing you know we are all wishing each other merry xmas, then its happy new year, whoaa! I am terrified, are you? Continue reading Autumn Style – Suede x Leather x Red

Autumn Style – Inspired by Nigeria’s Independence Day

img_5062Today is Nigeria’s independence day and even though the current state of the country leaves a bad taste in the mouth, it is still home, it is still roots and so we gats to celebrate her! I am really sorry this post is coming a bit late , my sincere apologies, I dont know how the thought to do a shoot for this memorable day skipped my mind. I blame it on mum brain (sticks tongue out).  Continue reading Autumn Style – Inspired by Nigeria’s Independence Day