Florals? For Summer? Groundbreaking!

Florals for summer or spring aren’t exactly groundbreaking as Miranda Priestly sarcastically pointed out in Devil wears Prada. I absolutely have to see that film again . Meryl Strip was an absolute delight, rumour has it she was modelled after Anna Wintour who has since debunked that fallacy, she claims she is nothing like her and I don’t care really, what I do care about though is this gorgeous gorgeous floral summer dress I have on here. It’s from HM. I love the colour, the floral pattern, the tie details on the strap, the ruched detail on the neckline and best of all, the way it flowsss, this is the absolute barbecue/drinks with friends summer dress for moms and single babes alike. If you couldn’t be bothered about ducking your tummy in and all that jazz you are gonna love this dress plus the quality on it is amazing! HM has a knack for creating top quality pieces like this that could almost pass for a designer piece, actually I wouldn’t be surprised if this dress turns out to be a designer knockoff. Lol.

Another way I would Style this dress is with a head band, it would be so Dolce and Gabbana. I would also wear with trainers and bum bag. I have been loving the weather lately, I would be legit depressed when it ends and the dreary winter comes through.

Anyhoo, I am making the most of the sun, currently out with the fam, we are off to East London to go eat some Indian cuisine. Have a lovely weekend and see y’all on Thursday xx.

Dress – HM (will link if available when I get home ). Continue reading Florals? For Summer? Groundbreaking!