This picture imperfect as it is with the rumpled skirt and my unshaved armpits (covers face) reminds me of life and how much we hold ourselves back , how much we judge ourselves harshly , upholding ourselves to such standards that we will rather not try at all. We come up with ideas in our head and straight away we come up with counter ideas, with things that we convince ourselves have to be in place before we can get to work on our ideas, before we can share them with the world. I can’t tell you guys how many times I have been guilty of this, I didn’t realize it was a thing even until a fellow youtuber discussed this on one of her vlogs, she called  it “aesthetics”, she talked about how the aesthetics of things could stop us from doing, how we get so wrapped up in the aesthetics we delay or never deliver the plan. Don’t get me wrong guys, I am equally here for the aesthetics, what I am trying to say however is this, do not let the need for the perfect aesthetics stop you from going on with your plans, start first and then take it from there, build on the aesthetics as you go on. Continue reading IMPERFECT!

Bump Style 10 – Embroiders and Velvet with my Main Gee

Hi everyone,whats up,yesterday was such a lovely day and from the look of things we might not get much of such days this week, the day before was crap and today is looking like one ,cloudy, rainy and all. The sun came out yesterday so we grabbed some ice cream, wore some colorful spring outfits and headed to our local park. I thought I’d grab some pictures too while we are at it.  Continue reading Bump Style 10 – Embroiders and Velvet with my Main Gee

Five 2016 Trends Still Going Strong for 2017

Click through to see the Red Valentino Pre Spring/Summer 2017 collection in full:  They come in various forms , in shoes, bags but my faves are on jumpers and on sheer dresses and skirts like the one above, it can be worn over straight jeans with a jumper on top for added warmth. You can find them on Zara, Forever 21. Continue reading Five 2016 Trends Still Going Strong for 2017

WANT. NEED. NOW – Urban Outfitters Gold Metallic Bomber Jacket

OMG! I just died and went to fashion heaven, this bomber jacket right here snatched my whole life leaving me breathless, heart panting, sad to my stomach because I am dead broke right about now, don’t believe me? Watch this   video here , but honestly this jacket will complete my whole existence right now and I am not been dramatic. Its what Winter jacket  dreams are made of, the styling option is immense and the best part, you dont need to do much, this little lady here will do all the work, wear it over the drabbest look and you are guaranteed instant glam. I . Want. This. Now. If   you want it and unlike me have the cash to spare, get yours here. Thank You!