How to Slay Valentine’s Day

I really loved putting this look together and even though I look a million dollar, you know looking like a bag of money , I promise this look is as cheap as it gets plus I got them at 25% off, I love my bargains yall.  I have linked them below so do check them out and thank me later. Continue reading How to Slay Valentine’s Day

Post Valentine’s Day Rant – Can Lovers Celebrate in Peace?

Hello everyone, I always have lots of random thoughts running through my mind on the regular and in the past I have tried to keep this blog strictly on fashion and style so I keep them bottled up or share bits and bops on social media but lately I have been thinking,  what’s the point of having a blog if you can’t share everything and anything on it. I am on social media a lot, more as an observer and then I debate some of the things I glean off there by myself or with my husband when he gets back from work. I have decided to change all of that though, I want to share my thoughts with you guys regarding any and everything that catches my fancy on here weekly, maybe I need a name change? Continue reading Post Valentine’s Day Rant – Can Lovers Celebrate in Peace?